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DA795 Digital Audio Analyzer

DA795 Digital Audio Analyzer

The DA795 Digital Audio Analyzer is a multi-function, dual-domain, precision digital audio test instrument which provides a powerful

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  • Transparency Test verifies that a device passes digital test waveforms without errors, using either synchronous or asynchronous test.
  • Bitstream Analyzer totally analyzes digital stream characteristics to check actual word length and sample rate, bit activity, header information, flag errors, and low voltage.
  • Lock Test tests whether two digital data or clock signals are locked (to <1ppm).
  • Bitscope shows distortion, noise or jitter on an s/d or X-Y scope, and also applies the results to the internal speaker, headphones, and line output.
  • Latency Test checks the signal delay through a device with a digital device input, and either digital or analog device output.
  • Digital Watchdog captures signal errors for a test period and graphs the errors.
  • Jitter Meter tests RMS interface jitter on a digital signal (to 150ps) or clock (to 35ps), as referenced to an internal crystal or external master clock.
  • Clock/Sample Counter measures actual digital sample rate, word clock, and superclock frequencies.
  • Distortion Meter measures THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion & Noise) and more!


The DA795 Digital Audio Analyzer is a multi-function, dual-domain, precision digital audio test instrument which provides a powerful, complete set of test, troubleshooting and utility functions for digital audio analysis, in a hand-held DSP-powered device.


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DA795 Digital Audio Analyzer

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