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Scoreboards (Multisport)

Scoreboards (Multisport)

LED Game Result Displays/Scoreboards, indoor “Multisport”, for most kinds of indoor sports

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  • LED display technology.
  • Suited for most kinds of indoor sports.
  • Sturdy metal case.


LED Game Result Displays/Scoreboards, indoor “Multisport”, for most kinds of indoor sports
Game result displays/scoreboards, in 7-Segment LED display technology, cipher heights 250 mm and 200 mm respectively, reading distance up to cir. 110 m. Outstandingly suited for most kinds of indoor sports, such as indoor soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, badminton, and table tennis.

Sturdy metal case, enamelled black, for on-wall mounting, polycarbonate front glass treated for low reflectivity, resistant to thrown balls in accordance with German standards VDE 0710, part 13:1981-05 and DIN 18032, part 3.
Scoreboard 24.676.321:
Time display-(250 mm), 4-digit, white, showing minutes and seconds of game time, time elapsed or timeto-go
Real time clock- (250 mm), showing current time in hours and minutes when no game is going on (instead of game time), quartz-based, optionally DCF77 radio controlled (including receiving aerial) or connected to a PEWETA Master Clock by means of a DCFport24 interface (accessories)
Score-(250 mm), 3 digits (0..199) per team, red, showing score/final result
Period- (200 mm), 1 digit, green, showing current period of game
Penalty time- (200 mm), 3 digits per team, amber, showing penalty time remaining
Team fouls-s (200 mm), 1 digit per team, amber, showing total fouls per team during basketball games (instead of penalty time)
Time-out-, 3 symbols per team (green dots), showing time-out periods taken
Service- 1 symbol per team (red arrow), showing service or ball possession
Acoustic signal-(horn), built-in, indicates time-out, end of period or game over, may be triggered either automatically or manually (116 dB at 1 m)
HOME/GUEST-Permanent marking by self-adhesive film, available in various languages.
Scope of delivery
1 control panel, multi-lingual, data transfer by radio, frequency 868..869 MHz (standard), or wire-based (option or accessory), with LCD display and keyboard. 13 kinds of sports stored. Additional, freely programmable mode or training mode
1 wall plug adapter, for charging the rechargeable batteries of the control panel
1 hand-held control unit, to send start, stop, and time-out commands and to trigger the horn, incl. 2 m wire for hook-up with the control panel (if required)
1 transport case, (cir. 355x255x86 mm) to safely store control panel, control unit, and plug adapter.
Scoreboard 24.676.322:
exactly as Scoreboard 24.676.321, however, additionally with

LED text display- (120 mm), amber, alphanumeric, to indicate the teams’ names (instead of “HOME”, “GUEST”), up to 9 characters per team, or to display information/advertisements with up to 20 characters in moving-script-method (up to 1,000 characters programmable). PC keyboard with connection wire to the control panel is included.

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Scoreboards (Multisport)

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