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Lock-In Amplifier SE1022D DSP (Dual-channel)

Lock-In Amplifier SE1022D DSP (Dual-channel)

SE1022D Digital Lock-in Amplifier provides an excellent performance within its bandwidth from 1 mHz to 102 kHz. More importantly, SE1022D has dual independent input channels and dual independent high precision signal generators.

Each input channel and signal generator can be used independently which means that the SE1022D is equivalent to two traditional lock-in amplifiers.

Moreover, due to the twin symmetrical design, the two independent input channels and signal generators have ultra-high synchronicity, which meets the measurement requirements demanding extremely high synchronization.


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  • 2 independent input channels and 2 signal generators
  • 1 mHz to 102 kHz frequency range
  • 1 nV to 1 V full-scale sensitivity
  • Time constants from 10 µs to 3 ks
  • > 120 dB dynamic reserve
  • Noise as low as 5 nV/√Hz @997 Hz
  • Detect 6 harmonics at one time
  • Dual-phase structure guarantees higher accuracy
  • 5.6 inch color TFT-LCD screen, single or dual display
  • Support remote control, embedded a free LabVIEW program
  • Adopt high-precision 24-bit ADC and FPGA+ARM digital platform architecture, better than DSP architecture


Lock-In Amplifier SE1022D

Multiple Application Areas

Scanning microscope: AFM, STM, SPM

Materials: Carrier mobility, Carrier density, Hall effect, Ultrasonic materials

Transport measurement: Conductivity measurement, Impedance measurement

Noise represents: Noise density, Cross-correlation measurement

Optical experiment: Spectral analysis, Spectral measurement, THz measurement, TDLAS

Sensor measuring: Gyroscope, Photoelectric sensor, Resonator, Accelerometer

Magnetic Sensor: SQUIDs, NV color center, Atomic Magnetometer, VSM

Biomedical: Microfluidic


Lock-In Amplifier SE1022D

Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Detection

The quantum efficiency of solar cells is divided into two types: EQE and IQE. The test system includes dual-channel lock-in amplifier, optical chopper, monochromator and other equipments.

The detection light from the monochromator is split into two beams. One beam is converted into photocurrent and input to the channel 1 of lock-in amplifier for comparison. The other beam illuminates the solar cell, and the resulting photocurrent is measured by channel 2 of the lock-in amplifier.

The ratio of the two channel measurements, combined with the relevant formula, allows the quantum efficiency of the solar cell to be calculated.


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Lock-In Amplifier SE1022D DSP (Dual-channel)

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