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Rail Mount NTP Time Server with MEINBERG reference receiver

The LANTIME M400 is available with an integral receiver as well as an IRIG timecode reader and can be customized with a lot of different options.

Also see the new and improved LANTIME M450.

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  • Up to 5 Network Interfaces
  • Synchronization of NTP and SNTP compatible clients
  • Web-based status and configuration interface (Demo) and console-based graphical configuration utility
  • Alert-Notification system of status change by Email, WinMail, SNMP or an external connected display
  • Full SNMP v1,v2,v3 support with own SNMP-daemon for status and configuration and SNMP Trap messages
  • USB Port for installing firmware updates, locking frontpanel menu access and backup/restore of configuration and log files
  • Meinberg GPS Antenna/Converter Unit connected with up to 300m of standard coaxial cable RG58
  • Meinberg´s LANTIME time server is available with a variety of additional output options: IRIG Time Code, frequency synthesizer and programmable pulse outputs illustrate some of the many expansion options for your NTP server
  • Selectable Reference Sources:
    GPS: Satellite receiver for the Global Positioning SystemGLN: Combined GPS/GLONASS satellite receiver (L1 frequency band), can also be used for mobile applicationsPZF: DCF77 correlation receiver for middle europe

    MSF: Long wave receiver for Great Britain

    WWVB: Long wave receiver for the US time signal

    TCR: Time code receiver for IRIG A/B, AFNOR or IEEE1344 codes

    MRS: (GPS, PPS, 10MHz, NTP): Multi Reference Source – several reference sources, adjustable following priority of signal


The LANTIME M400 is available with an integral receiver as well as an IRIG timecode reader and can be customized with a lot of different options to deliver exactly the feature set that is required for a certain application/environment.
Ultra compact Form Factor:

The ultra compact form factor enables this product to become the ideal time and frequency source in installations where every millimeter counts. With up to 5 network ports, this NTP appliance offers highest port densitiy.
Simple System Configuration:

As with most LANTIME M-Series models, a large LC-Display showing the state of the internal GPS receiver and the NTP/PTP subsystem is combined with three bicolor LEDs (green/red) that indicate the status of the three main components: Reference Time (e.g. GPS or GLONASS), Time Synchronization Service (NTP/PTP) and Network (Link status). A fourth red LED is labelled ALARM and can be configured to signal any event that is covered by the notification handling routines.
Oscillator Options:

The LANTIME M400 GPS is equipped with a high precision oscillator “TCXO” (look at oscillator options for details). The oscillator determines the holdover characteristics (e.g. when a reference source signal like GPS is disturbed or jammed). For applications with higher stability/holdover requirements there are several oscillator options available (up to “OCXO HQ”).
Modular System Architecturet:

Because of its modular system architecture it is possible to equip a LANTIME M400 time server with a number of different reference time sources. Optionally several additional frequency-, serial string- and pulse outputs are available as well as power supplies for additional input voltage ranges.
In addition to the standard electrical interfaces a lot of output signals can be delivered on optical ports, too.

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