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ARMS - Access Radio Management System

ARMS – Access Radio Management System

Telecom operators in certain cases prefer radio communications to provide means to their customers for accessing telecommunication services.

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  • Automatic network discovery and visual presentation of topology and equipment structure.
  • Different synchronization models (automatic/notify user upon change).
  • Full configuration of elements and of v5.x interfaces in configuration session to avoid conflicts between users.
  • Centralized firmware download to one or more cards of multiple IAS-W either on-demand or scheduled.
  • Advanced fault and event monitoring, management and filtering capabilities.
  • Traffic measurements on hourly basis (incoming and outgoing seizures, holding time, overflow bids etc.).
  • Real time status traffic monitoring.
  • G.821 measurements collection and processing.
  • Subscriber line and loop back test
  • Thresholding on measured values and alarm creation in case of threshold crossing.
  • Collection and processing of performance measurements which translates to improved service quality.


Telecom operators in certain cases prefer radio communications to provide means to their customers for accessing telecommunication services. These cases include rural areas where there is a need to cover large areas with low density of population as well as urban areas where laying of cables represents high CAPEX values. INTRACOM TELECOM answer to these needs are the point-to-multipoint access radio networks, that provide PSTN/ISDN/DECT services and interface with the local telecommunication nodes over V5.x interfaces.

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ARMS, the Management System for INTRACOM TELECOM Point-to-Multipoint Access Radio networks is based on an object-oriented, modular and distributed architecture, offering high scalability and robustness. The geographical distribution of the managed networks over rural, difficult to access areas as well as the complexity of these networks, settle the system as necessary component of the daily activities of the Operations and Maintenance personnel. The system offers remote supervision and management services covering FCPS functionality as well as post-processing capabilities and advanced report generation.




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ARMS – Access Radio Management System

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