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The 60-100 and 60-101 chassis are fully compliant with Functional Class C of the LXI standard.

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  • LXI Modular Switching Chassis, 7 Slot
  • More than 500 Switching Module Configurations Available
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Accepts any Pickering Interfaces PXI 3U Switching Module
  • Supports 7 or User Slots
  • Applications From Simple Switching to RF and Optical
  • Support For Selected Instrument Modules
  • Fully Compliant LXI Interface


The 60-100 and 60-101 chassis are fully compliant with Functional Class C of the LXI standard. They allow 3U PXI switching modules to be supported in a LXI compliant environment. The 60-100 is suitable for modules occupying 7 or less slots and the 60-101 can support up to 13 slots.

The chassis allows any of the large number of 3U PXI modules from Pickering Interfaces to be installed and controlled through a standardized Ethernet interface. The chassis are supplied with a generic IVI driver to control the PXI modules in accordance with the LXI specification, but can also be controlled through a kernel driver.

Modules available for installation in the 60-100/101 chassis cover a large variety of switching functions. They include simple switches, matrices and multiplexers based on reed relay and electromechanical technology which can switch from micro Amps to 40 Amps. A range of RF, microwave and optical switching functions are supported as well as some instrument functions such as variable resistor cards. This makes the 60-100 and 60-101 chassis into universal switching platforms.

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Israel's Leading Businesses Choose DCT

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