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4GHz 3-port Vector Network Analyzer

4GHz 3-port Vector Network Analyzer

The VNA-0440e is a full bi-directional 2½-port Vector Network Analyzer that is controlled from a PC through a USB connection.

The included software provides full control over the measurements, settings, data storage and reporting.

Most people order the VNA-0440e together with the VNA Sandbox as a kit to get started out of the box.


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  • 2 + 1 port VNA
  • Signal Generator Output
  • Bias Voltage/Current generator
  • Frequency range 400MHz to 4GHz
  • Measuring power -30 to +5dBm
  • Real time sweep speed
  • Port calibrated
  • Parametric sweeps
  • 2½-port bidirectional VNA
  • Signal Generator output
  • Bias Voltage/Current generator
  • Measure S11, S12, S21, S22, S13, S23
  • Frequency 400MHz to 4GHz
  • Power -30 to +5dBm
  • Sweep up to 20001 points
  • Sweep speed up to 4000 samples per second
  • Port calibrated
  • Full 12-term normalization
  • Parametric sweeps
  • Match Circuit Calculator
  • Deembedding functions
  • Calkit manager
  • Display formats: Source impedance, Port impedance, Return Loss, Forward Loss, SWR, Impedance (mag/ph), Impedance (Smith), Gain (mag/ph/group delay), Gain Polar.


This VNA is ideal for measuring all kinds of micro-circuits like antennas, attenuators, amplifiers, etc. Its frequency range includes the most popular telecom brands like GSM-GPRS-LTE, Wifi, DECT, GPS, ISM, Zigbee, and Bluetooth.

The VNA software has an integrated Match Circuit Calculator that Calculates a matching circuit from the measurement and simulates this circuit in real-time.

Its small size can also be used near the antenna inside a large device or installation. It’s also ideal for on-site measurements.

The extra Generator port provides an additional signal port that can be used for measuring 3-port devices.

A built-in Bias Generator provides a voltage/current source from -12V to +12V and 100mA. Each of the three ports can be routed to either the bias voltage, ground, or open.

Included in the product are:

  • VNA-0440e
  • PC-software, for controlling, saving data &set-ups, analysis, reporting, etc.
  • Power supply and USB Cable
  • Documentation
  • Carrying case
  • Available accessories include SMA, UFL, and Balanced adapter and calibration kits.

With our VNA Application Programming Interface, the VNA-0440e can be used for automated production testing.


Technical Specification

Additional technical specifications on demand.

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4GHz 3-port Vector Network Analyzer

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