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New High-Voltage PXI

Pickering Interfaces has introduced new lines of switching test modules that offer high performance up to 9 kV.

Pickering Interfaces is the industry’s leading provider of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for use in electronic test and verification.

The implementation of complex test setups is made possible by their 4x-323 PXI range and 65-23x LXI range, which are both available in a variety of topologies including multiplexers and smaller ‘building block’ uncommitted SPST switches.

For easy expansion, all types of multiplexer and matrix products come with hardware interlock in addition to loop-through ports.

9 kV high voltage PXI and LXI switching modules

Each module of the 40-323 (PXI) and 42-323 (PXIe) SPST high voltage power relay family has up to 14 premium Pickering reed relays.

The modules can handle up to 250 mA and hot switch up to 7.5 kilovolts DC/AC peak at a maximum of 50 Watts. They can cold switch up to 9 kilovolts DC/AC peak.

The 65-23x LXI high voltage switch families are built on a 2U modular chassis that is managed by Ethernet and can accommodate up to six plug-in switch modules.

Up to 50 high voltage relays with the same 9 kilovolt specification as the PXI family can be stored in each plug-in module. The plug-ins come in three different versions:

  • Each plug-in is set up as a 1-pole multiplexer in the 65-231 version, with varying numbers of channels and banks. To create larger multiplexers with up to 288 channels, they can be simply joined using external wires.
  • For general-purpose HV applications, the 65-233 version offers up to 50 SPST uncommitted switches per plug-in.

Pickering Electronics, the reed relay business of Pickering, provides industry-leading, superior quality reed relays for all modules, both PXI and LXI.

Additionally, RFI suppression components are included in the modules to prolong the life of the relay contacts and reduce surges brought on by high voltage transients.

Redel K or S series high voltage connectors are used for connections.


According to Steve Edwards, Switching Product Manager at Pickering Interfaces, “9 kilovolt SPST switching delivers high voltage switching in a tiny form-factor, allowing modular and scalable test systems to be developed with less rack space compared to previous rack and stack style instruments.”

Additionally, a switching solution can be carefully matched to the needs of the test system thanks to the vast number of variants the LXI platform now offers.

Through its connection business, Pickering also offers a standard selection of premium connectivity accessories to support the Redel connector series.

These services include custom cable production.

All modules are covered by Pickering’s standard three-year guarantee.

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high voltage PXI and LXI switching module

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