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RuSH Wizard

The RuSH Wizard is the most popular of all the RuSH models due to its versatility.

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  • Runs on DC or AC (50-440Hz) at 4.5-270V, depending on model.
  • Controls fan speed on the basis of temperature (power to drive the fans must be provided by an external source).
  • Monitors 9 fan tachometers
  • Variable-threshold fan speed error detection for early prediction of fan failures
  • Accepts 4 analog or 8 digital temperature sensors.
  • Totally configurable though an easy, menu-driven interface.
  • Handles all outputs (LED, LCD, Ethernet and RS-232) simultaneously.
  • Programmable automatic shutdown on a variety of fault conditions.
  • Run-time clock keeps track of Power On Hours. Self-powered units allow turning system power supplies off and on from a remote location.
  • Enhanced command set for machine-machine communication. Completely automatic setup configures fans, temp sensors and other parameters with no user intervention.
  • Two levels of password protection. “Sidekick” modules monitor Current, AC line (voltage and phase), vibration/acceleration, temperature, humidity, air pressure (down to .05”H20). Rugged – withstands over 15 G’s in all axis. -40C to 85C operation
  • Field upgradable firmware. Dawn provides easy/fast firmware modifications that can perform nearly any desired user – specified task.


The RuSH Wizard is the most popular of all the RuSH models due to its versatility. It is only 2”X 5.9” X 1.8” high and can run off virtually any power source. Its outputs can control fans, power supplies, LEDs, backplane signals, or almost anything else imaginable. Its inputs can monitor temperatures, fan speed, voltages, I2C, or the state of any user-defined signal. The user interface is LED, LCD, VF, RS-232 or Ethernet. A wide variety of add-on “sidekick” models provide even more functionality.


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RuSH Wizard

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