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PXI-2532B National Instruments PXI


PXI-2532B National Instruments PXI

The National Instruments PXI-2532 High-Density Multiconfiguration Matrix Switch Modules are 512-crosspoint, high-speed matrix switch modules. With the ability to create up to a 4×2176 or 8×1088 one-wire matrix in a single PXI chassis and even larger configurations with multi-chassis solutions, an NI 2532 is ideal for high-channel-count automated test configurations. Featuring compact reed relays with switching speeds up to 2,000 cycles/s and the ability to synchronize with instruments, these modules provide maximum throughput in a test system for signals up to 100 VDC/100 VAC or 0.5 A.


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  • 512-Crosspoint Matrix in a Single 3U PXI Slot
  • 2,000 Cycles/S
  • Onboard Relay Count Tracking
  • Sixteen 2×16 Matrix Banks for Custom Matrix Configurations
  • Multiple-Module Synchronization with Hardware Triggers


The NI 2532 modules are general-purpose matrices used to route referenced or differential signals. Through software, you can control the modules to connect any row to any column. One of the key advantages of these matrices is you can adapt them to your switching needs. You can configure them in many different matrix configurations by using NI terminal blocks listed. For example, you can create a 4×128 one-wire matrix by using the TB-2640 terminal block with an NI 2532 module. You can easily transform the same module into an 8×64 one-wire matrix by using a TB-2641 terminal block. Because the NI 2532 modules are built with sixteen 2×16 matrices, you can also create matrix sizes outside the standard terminal block configurations. Other one-wire configurations include a 16×32 matrix or four independent 4×32 matrices. In a two-wire configuration, you can build a dual 4×32 or 16×16 matrix.

An NI 2532 counts relay closures on each of its 512 relays. Relay counts are incremented each time a relay is actuated. You can programmatically retrieve the counts, which are stored on board the module, and use them for predictive maintenance to reduce unexpected system downtime.

These modules maximize throughput in automated test applications by the use of scanning. Scanning improves throughput by downloading a list of up to 32,000 connections to the switch and cycling through the list using an event (trigger) without any interruption from the host processor. The user can most efficiently implement scanning by mating an NI 2532 with an instrument such as the NI PXI-4070 6 1/2-digit FlexDMM, which issues a trigger after each measurement.

The user can choose from several solutions for your signal connections. Terminal blocks provide connectivity to strain-relieved 0.050 in. pitch headers ideal for ribbon cable or to 68-pin VHDCI connectors with cabled breakout accessories. You also can use mass interconnect solutions from industry leaders such as Virginia Panel and MAC Panel. Contact NI for details on these products or for information on creating your own custom connectivity solutions.



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PXI-2532B National Instruments PXI

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