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Cable Design Tool 2022

Cable Design Tool 2022

The new and updated Pickering Cable Design Tool of 2022!

Using Pickering’s free online Cable Design Tool, you can graphically design your custom cable assembly using our built-in library of conventional cable sets or from scratch. This is the first stage in making a bespoke cable assembly. Once everything is finished, our engineers will produce a competitive quote for your cable needs.

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Features of Pickering’s Cable Design Tool include:

  • Designing unique cable assemblies graphically
  • built-in collection of common cable sets.
    This serves as a starting point for customization, or to define cables entirely from scratch.
  • Add your own wires and connectors.
  • Allows for highly specific design elements, such as the choice of connection types, wire types, pin definitions, labeling of pins and cables, cable bundling, length choice, sleeving, and comments.
  • Export your designs to a datasheet pdf with cable assembly production documentation. BOM, pinouts, and other specifications are part of this, as well as product visualization.
  • Storage and development of cable assemblies in the project manager
  • Exchange designs with coworkers while maintaining security levels
  • Design locking and version control with entire histories
  • Messages and notes can be sent and received within the app to other users and directly to a Pickering engineer.



To meet your needs, the tool will be updated frequently. Your data is not locked up; you always have access to the manual or spreadsheet file, which has all the design information.

If you run into trouble building a cable assembly or the software prevents you from drawing the needed feature, send the partially finished assembly, and we will connect you to knowledgeable engineers who will help you out. We will send pricing as soon as the cable assembly design is complete, usually within one working day. When ordering in small quantities, each piece is slightly more expensive, but when fifteen or more pieces are ordered, the price becomes comparable to conventional cables.

Do you have queries or require additional details regarding the custom cables or the cable design tool? Feel free to contact us!


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Cable Design Tool 2022

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