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LED world time clock system

LED world time clock system

LED World Time Clocks as stand-alone units or combined into an integrated system.

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  • cir. 520x250x43 mm , cir. 770x250x43 mm
  • Sturdy metal case for on-wall mounting.
  • Protection grade IP 40 (EN 60529).
  • Front glass Flat acrylic glass


LED World Time Clocks as stand-alone units or combined into an integrated system
These PEWETA World Time Displays can be used as standalone units as well as combined with further LED World Time Displays into an integrated system. Permanent text overlays below the time displayed indicate the names of the cities chosen. The software already contains the “pre-sets” pertaining to various time zones and city names, so that all units can easily be set up to always show the correct time.

LED digital display
Cipher height 57 mm, 4 digits, for world time displays , Cipher height 100 mm, 4 or 6 digits, for local time displays bar-type 7-segment LED ciph. bar-type 7-segment LED ciphers, colour red (optionally, at a surcharge, amber, green or blue), automatic brightness control. Hour offset or leading zero may be selected via menu. Minimum 100 hours data retention in case of power loss. Operating voltage 230 VAC/50…60 Hz.

City “pre-set”
City “pre-sets” turn any PEWETA LED digital clock into an intelligent, professional World Time Clock. Each display unit will receive a custom “pre-set” according to the name of the city chosen by the customer. This setting includes the individual time zone and the individual dates for change-over from summer to winter time and vice versa. Manual adjustment by menu is possible.

Alphanumeric LED digital display (option)
Alphanumeric LED digital display for city names instead of text overlays. 16-segment LED readout, max.8 characters, character height 30 mm. The time zone desired and the name of the city are set by internal menu and may be changed at any time.

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LED world time clock system

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