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LED digital clock, square

LED digital clock, square

cir. 400×400 mm , metal, as standard enamelled jet black (RAL 9005). Optionally, at a surcharge, custom enamelled. Protection grade IP 40 (EN 60529).

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  • cir. 400×400 mm
  • Protection grade IP 40 (EN 60529).
  • Front glass Flat, shock-resistant Plexiglas®.


LED Digital Clocks with rim-circle seconds indication ideal for broadcasting facilities and places of high publicity
This 400×400 mm wall clock as standard shows the digital time in hours and minutes and has a circumferencial ring of red LED bar marks that show the seconds, counting up. An additional 8-character alphanumeric LED display line makes this clock a veritable “information centre”. Depending on the features selected this clock is capable of providing all the information required for the assigned function—exact, professional, attractive, and outright reliable!

Possible indications: 8-digit date display (24.09.2018) , day of the week, spelled out (Monday , day of the week, abbreviated and date (Mon 24.09.) , day of month and abbreviated month (24. Sep 18), multilingual , additional display for seconds (48) , stopwatch function (hh/mm/ss) , temperature (20°C) , city names at customer´s choice with corresponding world time and time-zone details (city pre-sets, see pages 140 and 141).

Whether as a single clock, as a calendar clock full of information or integrated as “master” or “slave” in a World Time Display System—this clock speaks all languages and meets all the demands!

cir. 400×400 mm , metal, as standard enamelled jet black (RAL 9005). Optionally, at a surcharge, custom enamelled. Protection grade IP 40 (EN 60529).

LED digital display(s)
4-digit hour and minute display, bartype 7-segment LED ciphers, height 57 mm, colour red. Circumferencial ring of red LED bars indicating the seconds, counting up. Automatic brightness control. Hour offset or leading zero selectable via menu. Minimum 100 hours data retention in case of power loss. Operating voltage 230 VAC/50…60 Hz (12 VDC/12 VAC optional). Under specific circumstances,the bus voltage may suffice to operate PEWETA DCFport24 version clocks2)

Alphanumeric display (option)
16-segment alphanumeric LED bar character display, up to 8 characters, character height 30 mm, to display numeric and alphanumeric information, e. g. day of the week, month, date, and seconds. At a surcharge, split and end times (stopwatch mode, option) or city names (option), can be displayed. Selection via menu. Alternating display possible. Various languages.
World Time Display System (option)

PEWETA LED digital clocks can be integrated into a professional and intelligent World Time Display System by the PEWETA digital RS 485 data bus. Each individual LED digital clock receives the “pre-sets” pertaining to various time zones and city names. Upon selection of a time zone, local time will be displayed, regarding zone offset and local changeover dates for summer and winter time.
Stopwatch mode (option)

These clocks can be fitted with a count up/ count down/split time stopwatch mode. The 8-digit alphanumeric display (option) will show hours, minutes and seconds, counting up from start or down from a pre-selected value. The stopwatch system is controlled by a remote control unit (as an accessory)
Options – just as you like them …

These clocks are available optionally with customised features at the surcharges as listed. Just pick your option(s) and add the appropriate suffix(es) to the Item No.

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LED digital clock, square

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