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IMS - MDU: Modular Distribution Unit

IMS – MDU: Modular Distribution Unit

An MDU Input Module (SDI – Signal Distribution Input) can provide up to four inputs via BNC or SMA connectors – with 10 MHz, PPS, TC-AM and TC-DCLS as input signals.

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  • 10MHz, PPS, IRIG, TC-AM / TC-DCLS reference signals
  • Suitable for modulated (AM) and/or unmodulated (DCLS) IRIG signals
  • Redundant power supplies and reference inputs


An MDU Input Module (SDI – Signal Distribution Input) can provide up to four inputs via BNC or SMA connectors – with 10 MHz, PPS, TC-AM and TC-DCLS as input signals. An optional alarm relay contact and status LEDs on the front panel show the user whether an input signal, an internal error (in case of a SDI-2101) or an error of the upstream clock (SDI-4112) which can affect output signals has been detected. With a SDI-2101 module, an internal error or a status of the card can be transferred via USB interface.
The IMS-MDU System can be configured with up to 14 Output Signal Modules, each including 4 BNC female connectors (other connector types are available upon request).

For IMS-MDU Systems the following plug-in modules are available divided into below-mentioned categories:

PWR (Power Supply)

SDI (Signal Input Modules)

RSC (Switchover unit for Redundant operation)

I/O (Output modules)


Two PWR slots – they can be equipped with various IMS power supply modules in AC / DC range 100-240 V or low DC 20-72 V. In this way a basic or redundant power supply configuration can be realized.

Two slots for SDI Input Signal modules. They have a dual function. By default, they can be attached with two separate systems using different input cards individually or duplicated input signals to facilitate redundant operation. It is also possible to plug a Standard Meinberg Receiver into SDI slots. In this case the receiver generates output signals independently.

In redundant operation a RSC (Redundant Switch Controller) card switches to serial interfaces and pulse / frequency outputs of the redundant input card in case of a failure of the active input module. The switching can be perfomed manually or automaticaly. All essential functions of the RSC, such as the actual switching status, alarming and operation mode can be monitored or triggered via a SNMP / Ethernet Interface.

Up to 14 output modules can be inserted for individual configuration of the IMS-MDU system.

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IMS – MDU: Modular Distribution Unit

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