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IAS-W Digital Wireless Access System

IAS-W Digital Wireless Access System

Wireless based technologies have nowadays become a strong rival to the wireline based counterparts, for building modern access networks.

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  • Analog 2-wire to support POTS (pulse or DTMF)/ Fax /
  • Voice Band modem Payphones (12 or 16 KHz metering pulses)
  • U-interface (160kbps) for BRA-ISDN service provision
  • Data interfaces, for n x 64 kbps data services (V.35, V.11/X.21 or G.703)
  • Optimum spectrum use, TDM/TDMA Frequency Division Duplex wireless access modes.
  • 60 x 64kb/s or 120 x 32kb/s traffic channels on demand assignment basis
  • Up to 1440 POTS subscribers supported in a single sector system, due to ADPCM channel coding
  • Mixed configurations of subscribers for the last mile, either wireline and/or DECT wireless solution.
  • Sector capacity 4 Mbps
  • Offers a total capacity in excess of 103 Erlangs.
  • Comprehensive range of wireless remote network units (terminal, repeater or mixed types).
  • Inherent repeater units with the capability of drop (local) subscribers.
  • End-to-end wireless access solution, with integrated DECT subsystem offering 32/64 kbps POTS and ISDN services.


Wireless based technologies have nowadays become a strong rival to the wireline based counterparts, for building modern access networks. The advantages of wireless access systems include scalable investment profile, short roll-out time and increased flexibility.

IAS-W is a digital wireless access system based on point-to-multipoint technology offering a wireless backbone with wireline or wireless last mile access.

An IAS-W system is designed for areas where access is primarily wireless, as prescribed by the geographical morphology and residential spread. The utilization of IAS-W system, offers a microwave primary network, while the last-mile subscriber connections are implemented either via copper cable or completely wireless. In the later case IAS-W acts as WLL system through an integrated DECT subsystem, satisfying configurations where an end-to-end connectivity is an absolute requirement.

The backbone coverage path for a single system (base station) usually ranges from 10km to 150km (using inherent repeater hops).

In urban and suburban areas: IAS-W can satisfy in a cost-conscious manner the stringent time and capacity requirements in areas where the rapid expansion of potential subscribers base, requires urgent deployment of telecommunication services, including ISDN and data services, but the existing cable infrastructure is either not sufficient or not available.

In rural areas: IAS-W is the optimum solution for such areas, which are characterized by large distances from the Local Exchange, low subscriber density and grouping, harsh terrain and environmental conditions, lack of telecom and utilities infrastructure.


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IAS-W Digital Wireless Access System

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