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DNX Multiservice Cross-Connects

DNX Multiservice Cross-Connects

DNX bandwidth management platforms provide digital cross-connect, traffic grooming and concentration, test access and diagnostics

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  • Non-Blocking 3-1-0 Switching
  • Hot Swappable Modules
  • DS0 through OC-3/STM-1 Interfaces
  • Scalability from 8 T1/E1s to over 2600 T1s or 2300 E1s
  • Optional Integration of Circuit/Packet Processing


DNX bandwidth management platforms provide digital cross-connect, traffic grooming and concentration, test access and diagnostics, and an industry-first integration of circuit/packet processing functions on a carrier-grade cross-connect. In fixed line, mobile, and private networks worldwide, DNX products help optimize service delivery through transmission network cost savings, equipment consolidation, and enhanced network reliability. DNX provides the power of a large footprint digital cross-connect (DCS) in a compact, scalable platform, and combines a unique IP forwarding engine and edge networking features not found in traditional DCS systems, at a fraction of the cost.

DNX platforms accommodate narrowband, wideband, and broadband services and adapt to a wide range of network applications – mobile, enterprise, utility, teleport, network overbuilder, IXC, ILEC, RBOC, ISP, SS7, and international. In each of these networks, the DNX handles vital functions – grooming and service delivery, port concentration, and backhaul consolidation – while providing the remote test access capabilities required to assure customer satisfaction.

As networks migrate from copper to optical and from circuit-switched to packet- and cell-based technologies, DNX platforms facilitate the transition. By connecting copper-based edge facilities to optical core infrastructures, providing port concentration and grooming for protocol-based platforms, and integrating circuit/packet processing within a single platform, the DNX forms a reliable bridge between present and future networks.


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DNX Multiservice Cross-Connects

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Israel's Leading Businesses Choose DCT

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