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34 Mbps Ethernet Full Outdoor Unit

34 Mbps Ethernet Full Outdoor Unit

8 Mbps 4 slot Modular Indoor Unit (CFM-8-MUX) is designed to fully match various business requirements.

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  • Considerably reduce the payments to service providers.
  • Find a cost-effective substitute to fiber optic.
  • Consider a consistent alternative to 2,4 GHz and 5,8 GHz radio solutions.
  • Mobile network operators.
  • Any applications demanding E1 channels (PBX connectivity, etc.) for internal phone link creation and various other needs.
  • Any sites limited for set up of indoor equipment (e.g. all types of base stations).


34 Mbps Ethernet Full Outdoor Unit (FODU) have ultra compact “all in one” design comprising IDU and ODU units in one device. The system is designed to provide 34 Mbps of traffic capacity and supports two types of interfaces – 10/100Base-T Ethernet (30-34 Mbps) + up to 2xE1 software configurable interface.

Combination of Indoor and Outdoor Units´ functionality in a single device makes CFM FODU very compact and convinient to use. there are two setup options for installing the FODU radio system in the network:

1) Directly by connecting the 18-pin cable directly from FODU to the user´s equipment and splitting twisted pairs into E1, management 10Base-T Ethernet, power and alarm signals;

2) Through the passive patch panel. The panel converts balanced E1 signal coming from FODU to unbalanced, providing both, balanced 75Ohm E1 port with BNC connector and unbalanced 120Ohm port with RJ-45 socket.

SAF FODU can be connected to any DC power source with voltage from 20 to 60V (survival 68V). 8 Mbps FODU require CAT 3 or better 8-pair twisted cable (TP) to interconnect the unit with terminal equipment and additional 4-pair CAT 5 or better UTP cable.



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34 Mbps Ethernet Full Outdoor Unit

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Israel's Leading Businesses Choose DCT

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