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Three world firsts from Korenix

The JetNet 4706 is a 6-port Fast Ethernet Industrial Managed Switch with 4 10/100TX ports Power Over Ethernet injectors and 2 10/100TX uplink ports.
To better control industrial automation applications in harsh environments over an Ethernet LAN, Korenix designed the JetNet Series of industrial Ethernet switches using a one-piece formed aluminum case to provide a rugged, acid corrosion- proof and heat resistant solution. JetNet 4706 uses IP-31 aluminum housing to carry out superior heat radiation, robust and light weight. It also provides an enhanced protection for the non-stop operation under hazardous operating temperature, -10~70°C and 10%~90 % humidity.

Terminal block and ventilation holes on the bottom side of each unit to reduce the chance of damage due to dust and moisture ingress. JetNet´s compact space saving design is a benefit throughout the product´s life—-from inventory storage and transportation to installation.

JetNet 4706 is in compliance with IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet standard and can also provide 30W PoE high power forwarding ability.

To apply for both standard and non-standard power source systems, the JetNet 4706 is equipped with a dual-mode PoE powering mechanism, 24V or 48VDC.

The JetNet 4706 is able to detect different input power voltages and to perform power devices detection, classification, powering and disconnection processes automatically. The dual-mode PoE powering is specially suitable for Transit System with DC24V power system, or any application lacking the DC48V power source.

JetNet 4706 also supports comprehensive and user friendly management interfaces, such as SNMP v1/v2/v3, RMON, Web interface, Telnet, Cisco-like CLI via RS-232 console. JetNet 4706 is the best choice to build up an intelligent, power management and cost saving IP surveillance infrastructure. The additional 2 100Mbps Fiber ports allow users to extend network infrastructure for any uplink or connection as a redundant Ethernet ring architecture, Rapid Super Ring (RSR). The RSR function provides network redundancy with less than 30ms recovery time when main path is disconnected. To integrate with higher level switch, JetNet 4706 implements Dual Homing II function which merges RSR and RSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol in one redundant port.

JetNet 4706 also implements an excellent PoE power limit control mechanism, such as PoE port disable/enable, power limit mode selection for IEEE 802.3af standard, manual configuring power budget and ultra power for highpower powered device.

To provide an easy, smart and user friendly PD powering control, JetNet 4706 implements an UPS-like scheduling control for PoE power delivery. It provides an user friendly weekly scheduling control by hourly basis. Each port can be configured with different rules. This feature can also save power and meets economic resource management requirement.

In industrial networking applications, the reliability is among the must requirements to be fulfilled. To deliver a real nonstop operating system for your application, the JetNet 4706 is built in a real time hardware watch dog timer to assure system reliability.

Jet Net 5008G-P
Korenix also showed at Computex its new JetNet 5008G-P, the first world compact size embedded Giga switch modules supporting -10~70°C operation temperature.

JetNet 5008G-P is the 8-port managed Ethernet embedded switch board, which the size only 200mm(W) x 140mm(D) x30mm(H). This board assists the facility manufactures in developing managed switch function in their system immediately.

As soon as you link JetNet 5008G-P internal port with your Ethernet port, your system will expediently get the managed switch function. The designed concept of this board is easy embedded mounting, system linking and reliable to use.

A key element of a good embedded board is reliable. JetNet5008G-P is built in watch dog timer to keep itself nostop operation. Rapid Super Ring (RSR) and Dual Homing II technology would make your systems never disconnect to each other. The most important is that this board can sustain the disturbing of vibration, impact of shock and long-term use in high temperature. So taking advantages of JetNet 5008G-P, it will help you build up a trusty network system.

The JetNet 5008G-P switch board fully supports the famous Network Management Software —- HP OpenView, MGSoft, SNMPc, and the leading OPC Server—- Kepware´s KEPServerEX. It provides users with many advanced managed functions including SNMP v1/v2c/v3, IGNP snooping v1/v2, LACP, VLAN, QoS, CPU Rate control, Port trunk, Port security and IP security, etc… These functions can be configured easily by console CLI and web browser and they will fulfill your system requirement. This managed software makes ready for reducing timing of your product development.

With the migration of Gigabit Ethernet technology, industrial network provides 10 times of fast Ethernet bandwidth increase in supporting video conferencing, complex imaging, multi-media streaming and other data-intensive applications. JetNet 5008G-P provides 6 10/100 Base-TX and 2 Gigabit RJ-45/ SFP combo ports.

The hot swappable SFP combo module of the 5008G-P gives you alternative of 100base-FX or Gigabit with various multimode and singlemode fiber transceivers from 550m, 2Km, 10Km, 30Km to 50Km. According to application demands, users can choose different SFP modules. This arrangement of combo ports makes the system more flexibility.

JetPort 5604
Meanwhile, the Korenix JetPort 5604 features the first redundant serial server with high management security and industrial digital inputs and digital outputs. JetPort 5604 series is a 4-ports Serial to Redundant Ethernet device server. JetPort 5604 provides 4 3-in-1 RS232/422/485 serial interfaces. Users can use one IP address, dual redundant paths to control a maximum of four serial devices over the Ethernet. Users can configure the devices as Virtual COM, TCP Server, TCP Client or UDP modes. The 5604 series supports RTTD technology so that the dual Ethernet ports can auto-recovery within 200ms. The 5604 series also equipped with abundant value-added hardware features include the 2 types of power inputs, 4 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs, and one USB slot.

The JetPort 5604 can be configured by JetPort Commander, the easy-to-use utility for Windows and the HTTPS and SSH for secured management. The Notification functions include email alert, system log, SNMP traps and digital output for pre-defined events.

JetPort 5604 has 4 ports 3-in-1 RS232/422/485 serial ports; all of the ports can be configuration with different serial interface types, like RS232, RS422, 2-wire RS485 or 4-wire RS485. Each of the port also can be configured with different service modes, including serial port 1 to Virtual COM mode, serial port 2 to TCP server, serial port 3 to TCP client and serial port 4 to UDP mode. All of the serial ports have their own settings and can work well at the same time.

JetNet 5010G
Another new item at the booth was the JetNet 5010G, a managed industrial Ethernet Switch, equipped with 7 ports 10/ 100TX and 3 ports 10/100/1000 RJ-45 / 100-FX / Gigabit SX/LX combo ports. The JetNet 5010G is designed as rugged in aluminum material and with wide operating temperature.

The software supports full L2 management features, ring redundancy, network control, security and alert features. The JetNet 5010G also supports RS-232 console for out of band management.

It is critical for industrial applications that network remains non-stop. Korenix Rapid Super Ring technology provides network redundancy with can self-recover in less than 30ms at full load. Moreover, JetNet 5010G provides users with many advanced management features. It can be configured smartly by console CLI and web browser. Network administrators can define event notification to be sent via E-mail, SNMP trap, Syslog or relay output. Online status of each port is also shown on web page. To optimize network traffic, network administrators can segment ports into different VLANs, or filter multicast traffic by IGMP Snooping. Bandwidth can be managed by port rate control to avoid abnormal broadcast storm. To enhance security, port access can be limited to predefined IP address table, binding MAC address to specific port or managemd by HTTPS or SSH. Network determinism is answered by QoS, Quality of Service, for traffic prioritization. JetNet 5010G is the perfect combination of intelligent network management and robust network operation.

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