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Nasdaq Chooses Meinberg’s M3000 for Precision Time Protocol Service

In response to MiFID II regulations, Nasdaq is offering a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) service for its Nordic Co-Location customers at the Vasby datacenter.

The service utilizes the PTPv2 protocol to achieve nanosecond accuracy, which is crucial for a wide range of applications such as time synchronization, compliance, latency calculations, troubleshooting, fine tuning trade algorithms and precision trade capture.

Meinberg’s M3000: The Grand Master Clock Source

Meinberg, a leading provider of time and frequency synchronization solutions, has been chosen by Nasdaq as the Grand Master Clock Sources for their PTP service.

The company’s PTP server M3000, a versatile and modular Time and Frequency Synchronization Platform, is being used by Nasdaq to ensure accuracy and traceability to UTC.

The clocks are compared in real-time to the Swedish national time scale produced by the Swedish SP National Laboratory for Time and Frequency.

Key Features of the M3000

  • Multiple time and frequency input/output options
  • Wide range of supported reference sources
  • Variety of network interfaces
  • Built-in web server for easy configuration and monitoring
  • Fully compliant with relevant industry standards

Lantime M3000

Redundancy and Resilience

Meinberg’s M3000 also offers a high level of redundancy, with dual power inputs and multiple clock outputs. This ensures that the PTP service remains operational even in the event of a failure or disruption.

Additionally, the PTPv2 network architecture offers clients resiliency in Grand Master clock sources and greater accuracy in time when syncing to these clock sources.

The M3000 also allows for timestamping at nanosecond accuracy and in case of GPS signal loss, the internal oscillators timer allows for max clock drift of ± 30µs within a 24hr period.

Meinberg’s M3000 is a cutting-edge technology that is used by leading companies such as Nasdaq, which is a testament to its reliability and accuracy.

DCT, being an exclusive provider of Meinberg’s products in Israel, is proud to offer the same level of accuracy and reliability to our clients.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how the Meinberg M3000 can improve your time and frequency synchronization needs.

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