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Siglent SDS5000X Oscilloscopes Power Analysis

Siglent SDS5000X Oscilloscopes Power Analysis

  • Holistic Measurements: The SDS-5000X-PA enriches your analysis with Input, Switching, and Output measurements.
  • Power Integrity Insight: Precisely assess power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) for optimal performance.
  • Bode Plot Analysis: Explore system behavior with complimentary Bode Plot analysis (firmware > 0.8.7R1B1).
  • Inclusive Access: Bode Plot analysis available without the SDS-5000X-PA, expanding your analytical toolkit.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate the SDS-5000X-PA with the SDS5000X series, enhancing your measurements without complexity.
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  • Comprehensive Analysis: Unleash a range of measurements, thoughtfully grouped into Input, Switching, and Output sections, for a holistic understanding of signal behavior.
  • Precise Power Integrity: Leverage the Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) measurement to evaluate and optimize power delivery.
  • Enhanced Performance: Unlock the potential of firmware revisions > 0.8.7R1B1 with the complimentary Bode Plot analysis, providing insights into system behavior.
  • Inclusive Analytical Tools: Enjoy access to Bode Plot analysis even without the SDS-5000X-PA option, broadening your analytical capabilities.
  • Seamless Integration: The SDS-5000X-PA seamlessly integrates with the SDS5000X series, enhancing your measurement capabilities without disrupting workflow.

Discover the advanced capabilities of the SDS-5000X-PA, a powerful add-on option that expands the measurement horizons of the SDS5000X series. This innovative option seamlessly integrates additional measurements, dividing them into Input, Switching, and Output sections, providing a comprehensive view of your signals. Notably, the Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) measurement is a pivotal inclusion within the PA option, enabling precise analysis of power integrity.

What’s more, the SDS-5000X-PA option introduces an exciting enhancement for firmware revisions exceeding 0.8.7R1B1—complimentary access to Bode Plot analysis. This valuable feature empowers users to delve deeper into system performance, uncovering insights that drive optimal design decisions. What sets the SDS-5000X-PA apart is its inclusivity: the Bode Plot analysis is available without the need for the PA option, providing users with enhanced analytical tools for superior results.

Upgrade your testing arsenal with the SDS-5000X-PA option, and elevate your measurement game to new heights of accuracy and insight.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: SDS5000X series
  • Inclusions: Input / Switching / Output measurements
  • PSRR Measurement: Enables accurate power supply rejection ratio analysis
  • Bode Plot Analysis: Available for firmware revisions > 0.8.7R1B1
  • Availability: Bode Plot analysis accessible without the PA option


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Siglent SDS5000X Oscilloscopes Power Analysis

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