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SDS2352X-E (350 MHz)

  • Precision Signal Analysis: Unlock precise signal insights, enabling accurate troubleshooting and informed decision-making for complex testing scenarios.
  • Dual-Channel Convenience: With dual channels, simultaneously monitor and analyze multiple signals, obtaining a holistic view of signal interactions.
  • Adaptive Bandwidth Selection: Tailor your bandwidth choice (200 MHz or 350 MHz) to your unique testing needs, ensuring accurate signal analysis.
  • Accurate Capture and Examination: Capitalize on high sampling rates and expansive record lengths for accurate waveform capture and thorough signal investigation.
  • Comprehensive Testing Solutions: Optional features like the AWG and MSO capability broaden the oscilloscope’s application range, empowering you to tackle diverse testing challenges and achieve reliable results.
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  • Advanced Signal Exploration: The SDS2352X-E 350 MHz Oscilloscope, part of the SDS2000X-E series, empowers professionals with advanced signal analysis capabilities for precise testing outcomes.
  • Dual-Channel Performance: Equipped with 2 channels, this oscilloscope allows simultaneous monitoring and comparison of signals, enhancing analysis efficiency.
  • Flexible Bandwidth Options: Choose from available bandwidths of 200 MHz or 350 MHz, adapting to diverse testing requirements and signal complexities.
  • High Sampling Rate and Expansive Record Length: With a maximum sampling rate of 2 GSa/s and a record length of up to 28 MPts, achieve accurate waveform capture and detailed signal analysis.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Optional features such as the Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) and Mixed-Signal Analysis (MSO) capability (requires specific accessories) extend the oscilloscope’s versatility for comprehensive testing and analysis.

Step into the realm of advanced signal analysis with the SDS2352X-E 350 MHz Oscilloscope from Siglent’s esteemed SDS2000X-E series. Building upon the foundation of the SDS1202X-E model, this 2-channel oscilloscope offers heightened performance to meet the demands of modern testing scenarios. Featuring available bandwidths of 200 MHz and 350 MHz, along with an impressive sampling rate of up to 2 GSa/s, the SDS2352X-E equips you with the tools to attain exceptional signal fidelity and effectively analyze signals up to 350 MHz.

Experience the benefits of faster sample rates and expanded record lengths, reaching up to 28 MPts. These capabilities grant you the power to achieve accurate signal capture and in-depth analysis, ensuring that every detail of your signals is meticulously examined.

The SDS2352X-E doesn’t just stop at performance; it extends to versatility. Unleash the potential of additional features like the Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) (optional SAG1021) and the Mixed-Signal Analysis (MSO) capability (requires optional SLA1016 Logic Probe and SLA2000X-E-16LA Firmware Key), allowing you to adapt to a diverse range of testing requirements.

Bode Plot capability can be harnessed using the optional SAG1021 generator or any Siglent SDG-series function generator, providing further insight into signal behavior. With sensitivity ranging from 500 uV/div to 10 V/div, tailor your measurements to suit various signal strengths.

The SDS2000X-E series boasts a dual-mode display, granting you the choice between intensity-grading and color-temperature display modes. Representing a pinnacle of sub-$1000 oscilloscopes, this series combines innovation, accuracy, and affordability to deliver a powerful tool for professionals.

Photos shown include optional SAG1021 and laptop PC/router (not included).

(Note: Availability, features, and specifications are subject to change. For the latest information, please refer to the official product documentation.)

Product Specifications:

  • Model: SDS2352X-E
  • Series: SDS2000X-E
  • Channels: 2
  • Bandwidth Options: 200 MHz, 350 MHz
  • Sampling Rate: Up to 2 GSa/s
  • Record Length: Up to 28 MPts
  • Signal Fidelity: Excellent for signals up to 350 MHz
  • Optional Features:
    • Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG): Optional SAG1021
    • Mixed-Signal Analysis (MSO): Requires optional SLA1016 Logic Probe and SLA2000X-E-16LA Firmware Key
  • Bode Plot Capability: Available with optional SAG1021 generator or any Siglent SDG-series function generator
  • Sensitivity: 500 uV/div – 10 V/div
  • Dual-Mode Display: Choose between intensity-grading or color-temperature display modes
  • Photos: Show optional SAG1021 and laptop PC/router (not included)
  • Application: Diverse range of signal analysis and testing applications
  • Innovation and Affordability: Represents a powerful sub-$1000 oscilloscope solution
  • Accuracy: Ensures precise measurement accuracy for confident analysis
  • Versatility: Suitable for various signal strengths and types
  • Dimensions: Refer to official mechanical dimensions documentation
  • Note: Availability, features, and specifications are subject to change. Please refer to the official product documentation for the latest information.


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SDS2352X-E (350 MHz)

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