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SDS1202X-E Oscilloscope

  • Unmatched Value: Experience top-tier features and capabilities without compromising on affordability, providing exceptional performance per dollar.
  • Enhanced Signal Insight: The higher bandwidth and processing speed empower detailed signal analysis, enabling you to uncover insights that might be missed by other oscilloscopes.
  • Accurate Frequency Analysis: The improved FFT resolution allows for accurate frequency domain analysis, revealing hidden characteristics of your signals.
  • Precise Signal Capturing: Leveraging SPO technology and the innovative trigger system, the SDS1202X-E ensures accurate event capture for detailed waveform examination.
  • Versatile Visualization: The 256-level intensity grading display and unique color-temperature mode offer versatile visualization options for a comprehensive view of your signals.

(Note: Features and specifications are subject to change. For the latest and most accurate information, refer to the official product documentation.)

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  • Exceptional Performance-to-Price Ratio: The SDS1202X-E Oscilloscope redefines value, offering unmatched features and performance at an affordable price point.
  • Higher Bandwidth and Processing Speed: Enjoy an elevated level of signal analysis with higher bandwidth and faster processing speed, outpacing other oscilloscopes in its class.
  • Advanced FFT Resolution: Benefit from improved FFT resolution, enabling accurate and insightful frequency analysis for a deeper understanding of your signals.
  • Super Phosphor Oscilloscope (SPO) Technology: Experience excellent signal fidelity and performance with the advanced SPO technology, delivering precise results for your measurements.
  • Innovative Trigger System: The innovative digital trigger system boasts high sensitivity and low jitter, ensuring reliable event capture even in complex signal scenarios.

Explore a new dimension of performance and value with the SDS1202X-E Digital Oscilloscope from Siglent. This oscilloscope not only shatters price-performance barriers but also offers features that outpace its competitors, even those priced much higher. Discover its superior bandwidth, processing speed, and FFT resolution, setting a new benchmark in its class.

The SDS1202X-E oscilloscope incorporates cutting-edge Super Phosphor Oscilloscope (SPO) technology, ensuring impeccable signal fidelity and performance. Its system noise stands lower than comparable products in the industry, delivering exceptional accuracy. With a minimum vertical input range of 500 uV/div, an innovative digital trigger system boasting high sensitivity and low jitter, and a remarkable waveform capture rate of up to 400,000 frames per second in sequence mode, this oscilloscope excels where others falter.

The device introduces a 256-level intensity grading display and a distinctive color-temperature mode, a rarity among oscilloscopes in its class. Serial bus trigger and decode capabilities come standard, enhancing its versatility for various applications.

Amplify your analysis with a generous 14 MB waveform memory, while the impressive 1 MPts FFT function empowers insightful frequency analysis. Elevate your testing capabilities and discover new insights with the SDS1202X-E Oscilloscope.

(Note: Features and specifications are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, refer to official documentation.)


  • Model: SDS1202X-E
  • Bandwidth: Higher bandwidth compared to other scopes in this class
  • Processing Speed: Faster processing speed for enhanced performance
  • FFT Resolution: Improved FFT resolution for accurate frequency analysis
  • SPO Technology: Employs new generation Super Phosphor Oscilloscope technology for superior signal fidelity and performance
  • System Noise: Lower system noise than similar industry products
  • Vertical Input Range: Minimum of 500 uV/div
  • Digital Trigger System: Innovative digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitter
  • Waveform Capture Rate: Up to 400,000 frames/second in sequence mode
  • Intensity Grading Display: 256-level intensity grading display function
  • Color-Temperature Mode: Unique color-temperature mode for enhanced visualization
  • Serial Bus Trigger/Decode: Serial bus trigger and decode capabilities included as standard
  • Waveform Memory: 14 MB waveform memory
  • FFT Function: Impressive 1 MPts for the FFT function

(Note: Specifications are provided based on available information. For the latest and most accurate specifications, refer to the official product documentation.)


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SDS1202X-E Oscilloscope

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