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Introducing the SDS1000DL+, a cutting-edge dual-channel universal digital oscilloscope that redefines precision and insight in waveform analysis. Boasting a 50 MHz bandwidth, this exceptional instrument is engineered to elevate your measurements to the next level.

Unleash Detailed Waveform Analysis

With a 32 kpts memory depth, the SDS1000DL+ is designed to meticulously preserve waveform resolution, ensuring accuracy even in intricate signal patterns. This memory depth also allows you to capture longer signal lengths, enabling you to delve deeper into signal characteristics and uncover hidden insights.

Visual Brilliance for In-Depth Analysis

Equipped with a 7-inch TFT-LCD screen boasting a resolution of 800 x 480, the SDS1000DL+ offers an expansive and vibrant display. This generous screen real estate provides ample space to visualize and analyze waveform details with unprecedented clarity. Every rise and fall, every pulse and oscillation is brought to life, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Precision in Every Sample

The SDS1000DL+ delivers a sampling rate of 500 MSa/s, ensuring that no detail is left unnoticed. Whether you’re investigating high-frequency phenomena or capturing transient events, the high sampling rate ensures that you’re equipped to capture the most intricate nuances in your signals.

Efficiency through Comprehensive Analysis

Streamline your measurement process with the SDS1000DL+’s support for 32 parameters measurements and common mathematical operations. This feature accelerates complex and repetitive measurements, empowering you to extract insights efficiently and effectively. No longer will intricate analyses consume excessive time – the SDS1000DL+ simplifies the complex.

Elevate Your Insights with the SDS1000DL+

Incorporating advanced technology and intuitive features, the SDS1000DL+ offers more than a glimpse into signal behavior – it provides a panoramic view of waveform dynamics. From engineers to researchers, anyone seeking precision and clarity in their measurements will appreciate the precision, speed, and versatility offered by the SDS1000DL+. Experience the future of waveform analysis, and elevate your insights with the SDS1000DL+.

Product Specifications


  • Bandwidth: 50 MHz
  • Channels: Dual-channel


  • Memory Depth: 32 kpts
  • Captures longer signal lengths for in-depth analysis


  • Screen: 7-inch TFT-LCD
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Provides ample space for detailed waveform analysis

Sampling Rate:

  • Sampling Rate: 500 MSa/s
  • Ensures precision and accuracy in signal capture

Measurement Features:

  • Supports 32 parameters measurements
  • Facilitates complex and repetitive measurements
  • Common mathematical operations for efficient analysis

Enhanced Insight:

  • Delivers clarity in waveform analysis
  • Unveils intricate signal characteristics
  • Enables confident decision-making

User Interface:

  • Intuitive controls for seamless operation
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation


  • Ideal for engineers, researchers, and technicians
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries and applications

Note: The specifications provided are based on the information available in the given context. For a complete and accurate understanding of the SDS1000DL+ Universal Digital Oscilloscope’s specifications, it’s recommended to refer to the official product documentation or website.


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