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Probe Accessory Kit (PAK2)

Probe Accessory Kit (PAK2)

  • Precision Accessories: The PAK2 kit includes essential accessories like spring clip caps, ground leads, and tip covers, designed to enhance your SP3050A probe’s precision and convenience.
  • Safety and Protection: With safety tip covers and insulating tip covers, this kit prioritizes safety during testing, safeguarding sensitive components and minimizing the risk of short circuits.
  • Optimized for SP3050A: Tailored exclusively for use with the SP3050A probe, each accessory is designed to fit perfectly, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy in your measurements.
  • Organization Made Easy: The eight colored probe identification rings simplify organization, making it effortless to distinguish between multiple probes and streamlining your workflow.
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  • Probe Spring Clip Cap: Qty 1 – This cap securely holds your SP3050A probe in place, allowing for stable and accurate measurements.
  • Ground Lead and Alligator Clip: Qty 1 – Ensure proper grounding of your SP3050A probe with the included lead and alligator clip for safe and reliable measurements.
  • Insulating Tip Cover: Qty 1 – Protect sensitive components and prevent accidental short circuits with the insulating tip cover designed specifically for the SP3050A probe.
  • Safety Tip Cover: Qty 1 – Enhance safety during testing by using the safety tip cover to shield the exposed tip of your SP3050A probe.
  • Spring Ground Clip: Qty 1 – The spring ground clip ensures a secure ground connection for accurate measurements with your SP3050A probe.
  • Compensation Adjustment Tool: Qty 1 – Achieve optimal performance from your SP3050A probe by using the included compensation adjustment tool.
  • Colored Probe Identification Rings: Qty 8 – Organize your SP3050A probe with ease using the colored identification rings, making it simple to distinguish between different probes.

The Probe Accessory Kit (PAK2) is a comprehensive assortment of essential accessories designed to enhance your measurement capabilities and ensure precision in your testing tasks. This kit includes a carefully curated selection of accessories that are compatible with the SP3050A probe, making it a versatile addition to your measurement toolkit.

With a weight of just 1 lb and dimensions of 5 × 5 × 2 inches, this compact accessory kit is easy to carry and store, ensuring you have the right tools at your fingertips when you need them.

Compatibility: The PAK2 Probe Accessory Kit is specifically designed for use with the SP3050A probe, providing you with the essential accessories needed to optimize your measurements. Whether you’re a professional engineer, technician, or hobbyist, this accessory kit is a valuable addition to your measurement arsenal, providing convenience, organization, and safety for your testing needs.

Product Specifications: SP3050A Probe Accessory Kit (PAK2)

  • Contents:
    • Qty 1 Probe Spring Clip Cap
    • Qty 1 Ground Lead and Alligator Clip
    • Qty 1 Insulating Tip Cover
    • Qty 1 Safety Tip Cover
    • Qty 1 Spring Ground Clip
    • Qty 1 Compensation Adjustment Tool
    • Qty 8 Colored Probe Identification Rings
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 2 inches
  • Compatibility: Designed exclusively for use with the SP3050A probe, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance in your measurements.

The SP3050A Probe Accessory Kit (PAK2) is your trusted companion for achieving precision and convenience in signal analysis with the SP3050A probe. These carefully selected accessories enhance your measurement capabilities, making it a valuable addition for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


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Probe Accessory Kit (PAK2)

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