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64-channel synchronization distributor

64-channel synchronization distributor

  • High-speed fanout capability of 1:64.
  • Versatile input modes, including DC-coupled and AC-coupled.
  • The broad input range of -10V to 10V.
  • Extensive trigger level range from -10V to 10V.
  • Minimal jitter and skew for accurate signal processing.
  • Compact 1U height, suitable for standard rack mounting.
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Multi-channel High-speed Acquisition System

  • Several units are integrated to form a high-speed acquisition system, capable of accommodating up to 512 channels. This integration is achieved through the utilization of low-skew synchronization signals originating from the SYN64.
  • Each unit within the system can be accessed by the host via a 1000M LAN connection. For streamlined data acquisition, a comprehensive SCPI command set, alongside LabVIEW and IVI drivers, are provided. Notably, the LAN port adheres to the LXI compliance standards.
  • To ensure synchronization, sample clocks across all units within the test system are harmonized. This is accomplished by daisy-chaining the 10 MHz In and 10 MHz Out clocks in a cascading manner.

The SYN64 synchronization distributor serves as a high-speed digital signal driver, operating at a ratio of 1 input to 64 outputs. This device effectively distributes the input signal to 64 outputs while maintaining low levels of jitter and skew. It supports both DC and AC coupling modes for its input and allows for the adjustment of trigger levels.

When constructing a multi-channel acquisition system that involves multiple oscilloscopes, the synchronization distributor, such as the SYN64, becomes an indispensable component. It plays a crucial role by serving as the trigger source for the oscilloscopes. By connecting the output signals of the SYN64 to the external trigger or analog channels of the oscilloscopes, you can establish a comprehensive acquisition system.

Additionally, the SYN64 can be utilized to fine-tune the synchronization of channels within the acquisition system. Through the connection of the SYN64’s output signals to the analog channel inputs of the oscilloscopes, you can perform calibration procedures to align the timing delays of each analog channel and associated cables. This ensures precise alignment and synchronization across multiple channels of the acquisition system.


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