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Meinberg manufacturer of the most powerful time and frequency synchronization solutions, is proud to announce the availability of Meinberg´s new network time sync module generation, which provides a future-proof platform for your IEEE 1588 / SyncE / Carrier Grade NTP infrastructure.

The HPS-100 offers the ability to support up to 2048 PTP-Clients in Unicast Mode (at 128 Sync and Delay Requests per second), as well as more than 250.000 Delay Requests per second in Multicast or Hybrid mode due to a powerful FPGA-based Packet Generator engine. The card is equipped with a 1GE interface as an RJ45/SFP combo port and 2 SMA outputs for configurable pulse outputs like 1-PPS, 10 MHz and 2.048 MHz.The HPS-100 can be configured to run in Master or Slave mode. It supports all major PTP profiles: Default, Power, Telecom (Frequency and Phase profiles), SMPTE, AES67/RAVENNA or IEEE 802.1AS profile. This makes it the most flexible and interoperable PTP solution on the market, suitable for a wide range of applications.

The module additionally also offers an NTP Server mode with 10 ns accurate time stamps due to a hardware time stamping NTP engine.

For providing a cost effective solution, a flexible license model is available to select the Client capacity power that is needed for a certain application.

A lot of IEEE 1588 slave devices or NTP clients from different market segments can be synchronized, for example eNodeBs for LTE base stations, Linux servers with hardware-assisted time stamping support for high-frequency trading applications, IEEE 1588 compatible IEDs in Smart Grid environments or IP-interconnected Audio / Video devices in broadcast studios. The Synchronous Ethernet function provides a highly stable frequency transport over Ethernet networks. The card supports to either use an incoming SyncE signal from the network as a source or generate SyncE as a Master.

The HPS-100 module is compatible with Meinberg´s Intelligent Modular Synchronization (IMS) platform, which is famous for it´s high level of scalability, flexibility, versatility and reliability. The modular design of Meinberg´s IMS systems allows features like field-replacement and hot-swap capabilities for I/O and power supply modules. This concept ensures future-proofness and expandability by allowing to add or replace modules when new technologies or interfaces are required.

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