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Meinberg manufacturer of the world´s most powerful solutions for time and frequency synchronization, will show its latest synchronization systems and monitoring/audit solutions for the financial sector at several industry relevant events.

The Spring 2016 STAC Summits organized by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) bring together industry leaders to focus on challenging areas of financial technology. STAC provides technology research and testing tools based on community-source standards. This accelerates technology selection at user firms while reducing the sales cycle for vendors. The standards are developed by the STAC Benchmark Council , a group of major financial firms and other "algorithmic enterprises" as well as leading technology vendors. Through a variety of online and in-person forums, the Council discusses key technology challenges and new solutions for them.

With MiFID II set for January 3, 2018 the financial industry is currently trying to meet the clock synchronization UTC divergence. MiFID II will introduce the requirement for trading venues, their members and participants to synchronize the business clocks used to record the date and time of reportable events to UTC with an accuracy of 100 microseconds. How to best achieve this accuracy, monitor and demonstrate compliance, with a robust and competitive implementation is a major challenge facing the global financial sector.The objective of the MiFID II Workshop presented by EIE, ITSF and NPL is to help financial institutions, equipment/service providers and implementers to better understand the motivations and requirement of time-stamping required by MiFID II, and manage the delivery. This workshop will bring together interested parties from the regulatory, finance and measurement communities.

As a new member of the STAC Council, Meinberg will be attending the STAC events in London and Chicago in May. Meinberg will be proving an innovation round-up presentation with the title "Measuring MiFID II Compliance: How to Audit and Monitor your Time Synchronization Infrastructure" and operates an exhibition stand showing a selection of Meinberg´s latest synchronization solutions for financial applications.

The LANTIME M1000, equipped with the new generation of the Meinberg time stamping unit HPS (High Precision Synchronization) provides a future-proof platform for your IEEE 1588 / NTP infrastructure. The high-performance processing unit, the 1-step master clock and the 1GE interface with SFP slot support a very large number of PTP clients. Thousands of IEEE 1588 slave devices or NTP clients can be synchronized, both in IPv4 and IPv6 networks, for example transaction servers running high-frequency trading applications. For NTP-based synchronization, each of the HPS-100 network interfaces of the LANTIME M1000 can be configured to act as a carrier grade NTP server with 10 ns time stamp accuracy, serving up to 12,000 NTP requests per second on each port. Each HPS module can serve time to up to 2,048 PTP Slaves at full Unicast rate (128 sync/128 delay req. per second) or 250K DelayRequests per second in Enterprise Profile/Hybrid mode. Each M1000 can hold up to four HPS modules, enabling a performance increase to 90,000 NTP requests/second or 8,096 unicast PTP Slaves (at full rate). As a part of the IMS family, the M1000 allows users to add or replace modules without having to shut down the system. The M1000-S is the compact version of the M1000 and provides the same outstanding synchronization capabilities.

As part of the Intelligent Modular Synchronization System (IMS) family, the M1000 and M1000S both allow field-replacement and hot-swap capabilities for IO modules and power supplies. This concept ensures future-proofness and expandability by allowing to add or replace modules when new technologies or interfaces are required and makes this product one of the most scalable and flexible synchronization solutions on the market.

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