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Meinberg manufacturer of the world´s most powerful time and frequency synchronization equipment, is proud to announce the outstanding EANTC Interoperability Test results of the tested Meinberg devices and a successful exhibition presence at one of the major global MPLS+SDN+NFV events.

In January and February 2016, interoperability of Meinberg´s telecom optimized synchronization systems had been successfully tested at the EANTC Interop Test Event in Berlin, Germany. The clock synchronization part of this year´s EANTC Interop Tests included topics such as delay asymmetry, multi-vendor grandmaster changeover, holdover performance and microwave transport, which are some of the fundamental areas of interest for service providers. Interoperability tests of the participating devices covered the two published ITU telecom profiles for frequency and phase/time, including full on-path support and assisted partial timing support (APTS) network environments.

Two of this year´s tests were affected by a rather unusual event, a GPS Ground System anomaly, which later has been confirmed by an official US Air Force press release. This type of anomaly expanded the category GPS jamming and GPS spoofing and perfectly fitted in this year´s clock synchronization testing program regarding performance in optimal and suboptimal conditions (e.g. source failover between two different grandmasters).

Meinberg successfully participated in 15 test scenarios, proving interoperability of the LANTIME M1000-S and LANTIME M4000 model with devices from Ericsson, Huawei, Omnitron, ADVA and Microsemi. The unmatched flexibility of the LANTIME IMS platform allowed to use the M1000S and M4000 in various roles during the tests.

Details and descriptions of each test and their results are summed up in the EANTC Whitepaper, which can be downloaded at:

EANTC Interop Whitepaper

The different EANTC Interop test scenarios were demonstrated and explained at the Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Showcase during the 2016 MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress in Paris, France. A joint presentation of Ericsson and Meinberg during this event explained one of the synchronization tests concerning sync over a Microwave link. Meinberg also hosted a special event for their customers in Paris in cooperation with the local Meinberg partner for France, JTELEC.

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