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Bad Pyrmont, Germany / March 4, 2016 - Meinberg, one of the leading manufacturers for synchronization solutions announces the general availability of their updated NTP and PTP protocol simulation software. The new version offers new groundbreaking performance for large scale testbeds and a greatly improved feature set. The simulation software enables vendors and end users to test their network time synchronization infrastructure by simulation hundreds or thousands of NTP or PTP clients. The software can emulate NTP servers and clients as well as PTP grandmaster clocks and PTP slaves, providing a unique and powerful way of testing own implementations of the two major network time synchronization protocols in use today. In addition to large scale load tests for NTP servers or PTP grandmaster clocks, the software can be an invaluable tool for testing all aspects of the supported protocols, for example leap second handling, BMCA conformance and PTP profile support for almost any known PTP profile. This includes the latest SMPTE profile, the Telecom profiles for frequency and phase as well as the IEEE C37.238 power profile. The Meinberg Protocol Simulator offers detailed statistics concerning the response behavior of the device under test and supports a number of failure simulation concepts as well. Running on a wide range of x86 compatible hardware, the software-only solution removes the need to purchase or rent cost intensive specialized hardware solutions. Every Linux compatible PC can be temporarily converted into a simulator by simply using the bootable USB stick containing a Live Linux environment. This is done without touching the system installed on the hard disk of the system, allowing to use the PC or Server for other tasks. This approach saves a considerable amount of space and costs. With a recent powerful x86 multicore processor, the software can simulate up to 1 million NTP clients or up to 500 PTP unicast slaves at full rate. *Features:* - Simulation of NTP/PTP devices, each with its own Ethernet MAC address and IP address: -- NTP Servers -- NTP Clients -- PTP Master Clocks (Unicast/Multicast) -- PTP Slave Clocks (Unicast/Multicast) -- PTP Controller (Unicast Load Balancing) - Full support for IEEE 802.3, IPv4 and IPv6 - Generation high workload by creating large numbers of simulated devices - Fully customizable/configurable protocol parameters (request intervals, quality parameters, ...) - Detailed diagnostics of simulation runs possible due to recording of statistical metrics - Simulation of device failures with configurable randomized interval and duration - Simulation of leap seconds *New Features of MPSv2:* - Separated simulation engine and user interface allows to run simulations in the background - Simulation engine runs on remote Linux based servers - Configuration and management application controls simulation engines via a remote control interface (available for Linux and Windows platforms) - Multiple simulation engines can be orchestrated using one control instance, enabling the user to scale the number of simulated devices and distribute them to a group of independent servers - Own user management and authentication system, allowing multiple users to run their own independent simulations in parallel on the available simulation engine systems. - Greatly improved performance due to new simulation algorithms: -- Up to 1,000,000 NTP clients with a standard request interval of 64 seconds -- Up to 75,000 NTP requests per second -- Up to 500 PTP unicast slaves with highest message rate settings (128/s) - Automatic logging of statistics in configurable intervals The simulation software is delivered on a bootable USB stick with a Live Linux system containing both the simulation engine and the user interface applications for Linux and Windows. Using the Live system you can run MPS on any 64bit capable x86 hardware available without having to install the software. More information about the new Meinberg Protocol Simulation can be found on our website: https://www.meinbergglobal.com/english/products/mps_v2.htm About Meinberg Meinberg is a modern electronics manufacturer located in Bad Pyrmont, Germany. Meinberg offers leading edge synchronization solutions, including high end PTP and NTP timeserver products, GPS and GLONASS receivers, DCF77/WWVB/MSF receivers, IRIG/AFNOR time code generators/readers and a large variety of accessories like antennas, diplexers, converters and signal distribution systems. The Meinberg IEEE 1588 grandmaster clocks and NTP timeserver appliances are well known for their innovative feature set, their flexibility and reliability, making them one of the leading network time synchronization solutions available today. Meinberg products are deployed all over the world and deliver synchronization for mission critical applications in power grid/substation automation, digital broadcasting, telecommunication networks, aviation and space and the labs of world class research organizations. See also http://news.meinberg.de/346/ If you have questions or comments regarding this newsletter, please contact info@meinberg.de or visit our website at https://www.meinbergglobal.com .

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