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Low-Cost 16-CH 250 kS/s 16-Bit Multi-Function DAQ Cards
16-bit A/D and sampling rate up to 250kS/s
16-CH single-ended or 8-CH differential inputs
2-CH 12-bit 1MS/s analog outputs withwaveform generation functionality (DAQ-2214)
512-configuration channel-gain queue
Analog and digital trigger
Bus-mastering DMA with scatter-gather technology
Full auto calibration
Multiple cards synchronization


ADLINK DAQ-2213 and DAQ-2214 are low-cost multifunction DAQ cards. The devices can sample
up to 16 AI channels with different gain settings and scan sequences. It makes them ideal for dealing
with analog signals with various input ranges and sampling speeds. These devices also offer
differential mode for 8 AI channels in order to achieve maximum noise elimination.
In addition to the analog input functions, DAQ-2214 features 2-CH 12-bit analog outputs. The analog
outputs are capable of waveform generation. The DAQ-2213 and DAQ-2214 also feature analog and
digital triggering, 24-CH programmable digital I/O lines and 2-CH 16-bit general-purpose
Like all the other members in DAQ-2000 family multiple DAQ-2213 and DAQ-2214 can be
synchronized through the SSI (system synchronization interface) bus. The auto-calibration
functions adjust the gain and offset to within specified accuracies such that you do not have to adjust trimpots to calibrate the cards.

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