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SLM 1456 CM

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All Channel/Frequency Tuning: From 5-1000 MHz allowing you to test return path signals, as well as your highest channels with ease.
Full auto attenuation with measurement capabilities from -40 to +60 dBmV.
Digital measurement capabilities including: Average power, Pre/Post BER, MER, and Constellation for QAM A/B/C, 16, 32, 64, and 256. Plus, one of the only meters available to provide measurements for 8 VSB ATSC signals
Analog measurement capabilities including: Signal level, A/V ratio, C/N and HUM.
Signal leakage capabilities to insure every installation is clean and meets your systems specifications.
Ingress testing allows you to test both the forward and return path from the ground block or line extender to ground block for unwanted noise.
Full featured spectral display that allows you to view all channels, single channel, or a bar graph display for a quick view of all your channels.
Data logging that allows you to save and print all data for future reference or record of completed installations.


The SLM 1456 CM provides everything you´ve been looking for in a signal level meter - Analog and Digital Measurements, including Pre/Post BER , MER, Spectral Display, DOCSIS 2.0 Network Testing, plus Leakage and Ingress Testing capabilities - all at an affordable price.

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