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DTU-234 RF Probe

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Full RF tuning capabilities from 50 to 860 MHz to tune any UHF/VHF or cable channel directly from your laptop
The ability to record MPEG-2 transport streams at a full 19.39 Mb/s, just like your customers receive the signal
Super sensitive front-end to receive RF signals from -30 dBmV up to +50 dBmV, making it perfect for recording transport streams in the field or anywhere in the RF distribution system
A quick snapshot of your RF signal quality, including: RF level, MER, Pre-BER and Post-BER for quick troubleshooting and RF analysis
An easy-to-read, spectral display with a choice of single channel, adjacent channel, or full spectral display for testing channel interference or a dropped channel. Plus, the RFXpert provides you with both constellation and eye diagram displays that provide valuable troubleshooting information
A proof-positive method of signal documentation or drop point comparisons with programmable, user-defined logging and auto inspection capabilities
Complete portability, requires no additional power supply or batteries, works entirely from your PC USB port


The DTU-234 is a light-weight, easy-to-use RF adapter that allows you to tune any UHF/VHF, or cable channel and record MPEG-2 transport streams directly to your laptop for easy field testing or recording.

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