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Quickly link VXIbus instruments to an LXI network to build a system that will outlive the test requirements
Built-in Embedded Web Interface for control of VXIbus Instruments from anywhere in the world
Compliance with industry standard VISA implementations enables reuse of existing code
Seamlessly trigger and synchronize LXI and VXI instruments for tight control of test sequencing
High stability system clock options increase measurement accuracy
Industry-leading cooling implementation helps ensure instrument reliability
40 MB/s block transfer rates
Raises the performance bar while reducing costs


The EX400 provides the infrastructure required for quickly integrating two of the test industry´´s most popular instrumentation platforms within hybrid ATE systems. With the rapid adoptation of LXI as the natural successor to GPIB as the communication bus to rack instruments, and the vast installed base of VXI modular instrumentation, system developers are looking for ways moving forward to leverage their existing VXI-based designs, while seamlessly introducing LXI devices within the same system. The EX400 Hybrid Systems Kit includes a VXIbus 13-slot 1000 W mainframe (CT-400) and an LXI-VXI slot 0 interface (EX2500A), which effectively links the VXIbus instruments to an LXI network, at a ground-breading price and performance combination.

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