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S3504 Series Signal Analyzer

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Wide frequency range from 30Hz to 26.5GHz.
Wide dynamic range, low DANL, low phase noise.
Fast test speed, test rates of up to 90 times per second.
Fully digital frequency, high spectral resolution, the min. resolution bandwidth of 1Hz (FFT analysis option).
Automatic calibration, environmental adaptability.
Support sweep analysis and FFT analysis(Optional).
Friendly UI. Easy to use.
Various of interfaces including USB, GPIB, LAN etc.


S3504 series Spectrum Analyzer achieves an excellent comprehensive testing performance. It has high testing speed, repeatable test data, and one button calibration function. Meanwhile, S3504 has a friendly UI and very easy to use. It also enables an efficient programmed development with VISA and SCPI command set and IVI instrument driver libraries. S3504 has 5 models to cover a wide frequency range. S3504 is mainly used in electronic product development, production line on-line testing, and building automatic test systems.

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