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PXI-5 PXI Express hardware specification Rev.1.0 compliant
PCI Express Base Specifications Rev. 1.0a
Maximum system throughput 4 GB/s
Supports four links x4 or two links x16 x8 PXI Express link capability
Expansion distance of up to 5 meters (expansion cables at 2 meter or 5 meter)
Comprehensive hardware and software transparency


The PCIe-PXIe-8638 PCI Express-to-PXI Express expansion kit provides control of PXI Express modules installed in a PXI Express chassis using high bandwidth PCI Express technology. The extension kit can provide up to 4GB/s using PCIe Gen 2 x8 signaling. With comprehensive hardware and software transparency, the expansion kit enables fast and convenient detection of any PXI cards installed in the system, requiring no additional drivers or software.

Controlling PXI with PCI Express.

The PCIe-PXIe-8638 PCI Express-to-PXI Express expansion kit provides additional PXI instruments slots to the host computer by implementing a PCI Express-based control of PXI modules. The technology consists of a PCIe-8638 host adapter installed in the host computer, a PCIe x8 cable, and a PXIe-8638, a remote controller with the 3U (Eurocard) expansion module. The PCIe-8638 comes in a PCI Express x8 footprint and equips with PCIe x8 cable connector.

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