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Wan Emulator - Lite and Portal Units

The JAR:Emulate Lite series is a range of portable, low cost emulators.
Provide throughput speeds of 2, 10 or 45 Mbps (bi- directionally) to suit your needs and budget.
Ideal for individual developers and testers.

Wan Emulator - 1,000 and 100 Models

The 1,000 and 100 series provide 1 Gbps RJ45 / Copper interfaces with up to 12 interfaces.
Their precision hardware and advanced feature sets ensure pinpoint accuracy of emulations and total control over your scenarios parameters.
These high performance units can deliver multiple emulation scenarios and handle hundreds of impairments simultaneously!

Wan Emulator - 10,000 and 40,000 Models

The 10,000 series provide 10 Gbps fibre and copper interfaces (up to 12 ports).
40,000 series provides 40 Gbps interfaces (up to 12 ports).
Both series offer clients the ability to create as many independent emulations as required and includes every tool as standard.

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