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RF Signal Generator

Frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz
Typical output power from -120dBm to +10dBm
Multi sweep mode, Step sweep, list sweep, frequency sweep and power sweep

Multi-Standard Signal Generator

Frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz
Typical output power from -120dBm to +10dBm
Multiple digital modulation formats (ASK/PSK/FSK), built-in IQ modulator (B type)

signal generator

Wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 40 GHz
High output power up to 20dBm@20GHz
Power dynamic range greater than 150dB

signal generator

frequency range of 100kHz 67GHz
High purity spectrum
Broadband and high-power output

S1103 Series Synthesized Signal Generators

Wide frequency range 250kHz20GHz/40GHz/50Ghz/67GHz
High quality , Low sideband phase noise signal
High dynamic range, precise power output

S1101 A/B RF Signal Generator

Frequency range: 250kHz - 6GHz / 3GHz
Extremely low phase noise and high pure spectrum
Power output of -135dBm to +7dBm

3 GHz RF-Synthesizer

Outstanding Frequency range 1Hz3GHz
Output power -135dBm+13dBm

1.2 GHz RF-Synthesizer

Outstanding Frequency range 1Hz1.2 GHz
Output power -127dBm+13dBm

FireFox Broadband Synthesizer

10Hz to 1640MHz operation
10Hz (15-digit) resolution
10Hz basic precision

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