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S3631 Series Vector Network Analyzer

Frequency Range:300kHz - 1.3GHz/3GHz/8GHz
Dynamic Range:>125 dB (IFBW=10 Hz), 130 dB typical
Low Noise Level:<-120 dB (IFBW=10 Hz)

S3602 C / D / E Vector Network Analyzer

Frequency coverage from 10MHz to 43.5GHz / 50GHz / 67GHz
Flexible calibration types, compatible with many calibration parts
Support Multi-window, multi-channel Measurement, instantly execute intricate measurement plan

S3101 Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Frequency range: 1MHz to 4 GHz
Impact, dust, and splash resistant
It measures Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, DTF Return Loss, DTF VSWR, Smith Chart and Port Phase

S3602 A / B Vector Network Analyzer

Frequency coverage from 10MHz to 13.5GHz / 26.5GHz
Flexible Calibration Types, Compatible with many Calibration Parts
Support Multi-window, multi-channel measurement, instantly execute intricate measurement plan

S3601 A / B Vector Network Analyzer

Frequency range: 100kHz - 3GHz / 8.5GHz
10.4 inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen.
125dB wide dynamic range


Large frequency range: 300kHz to 1.5GHz
Large dynamic range: >125dB (IFBW=10Hz), 130dB typ.
Low noise level: <-120dBm (IFBW=10Hz)

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