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Electronic Load DC E-load series

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7 Operating Modes: CC, CV, CR, CP, CC+CV, CR+CV, CP+CV
Fast/ Normal Sequence Function
Soft Start

PEL-3031E Programmable

Ideal for output characteristics evaluation for power supply products
UVP or Cut Off Time function is ideal for battery discharge tests
Quality inspection and reliability tests for electronic components such as switch,relay,connector,and fuse

PEL-3000 Series

Operating voltage (DC):1.5V~150V

Operating Mode : C.C / C.V / C.R / C.P / CC+CV / CR+CV / CP+CV

Parallel Connection of Inputs for Higher Capacity (Max : 9,450W)

Support of High Slew Rate:Max 16A/us

Run Program Function(GO/NO GO Test)

PEL-2000 Series

Sequence function to do high Efficient load simulations
Flexible configuration with mainframes and plug-in modules
Multiple independent load inputs up to 8 channels in a mainframe

IT8900 DC E-Load

Unique CR-LED mode with perfect LED driver test scheme
Easy programmable parameter setting,applicable for simulating LED lights with different characteristics
Adjustable frequency,duty ratio PWM dimming output port(frequency:20HZ-2KHZ)

IT8800 DC E-Load

Widely power range:150W~600KW
Dynamic mode: up to 25 KHz
Measurement resolution:0.1mv,0.01ma

IT8700 DC E-Load

Removable modules for easy system cofigurability
Dynamic power distribution function for dual channels,save your cost
Dual-channel module displays every channel information simultaneously

IT8500+ DC E-Load

Dynamic mode:up to 10KHZ
Resoulution of voltage and current:0.1mV/0.1mA
Four working modes:CV/CC/CR/CP

IT8200 DC E-Load

Digital controlling electronic load
High accuracy voltage and current measurements

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