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A complete waveform and circuit analyzing system in one instrument
Integrated measurements of all circuit parameters provides fast troubleshooting answers
Exclusive autoranged timebase and vertical attenuators eliminate wasted time

Optical Tri-stimulus Color Analyzer

OTC1000 measurements closely match human eye response, using highly accurate tri-stimulus filtered sensors capable of measuring to extreme low light conditions
It is fast! Takes continuous constant-rate (less than 1 second) measurement updates at light levels down to 0.01 foot-Lamberts
It is non-contact - using a laser aiming tool for proper screen alignment. Setup is quick and straight-forward, and the user interface is very easy to use.

LC103 - "ReZolver"TM In-Circuit Capacitor/Inductor Analyzer

Pinpoints bad capacitors and inductors "in-circuit," and automatically tells you when further out-of-circuit tests are required.
Tests SMT components "in-circuit" and accurately with exclusive, time-saving test accessories
Makes all tests, compares the results to EIA standards, and tells you "GOOD" or "BAD" - automatically.

DA795 Digital Audio Analyzer

Transparency Test verifies that a device passes digital test waveforms without errors, using either synchronous or asynchronous test.
Bitstream Analyzer totally analyzes digital stream characteristics to check actual word length and sample rate, bit activity, header information, flag errors, and low voltage.
Lock Test tests whether two digital data or clock signals are locked (to <1ppm).

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