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VP40x-SH VideoPro

Delivers all the signals and formats you need for testing, calibrating and servicing any display type
Provides the ATSC RF output delivers fast and accurate calibration of integrated HD tuners
Provides DVI output for testing and calibrating video displays with DVI and HDMI digital inputs

VP 3340

Provides you with HD formats that include 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i, plus allows you to down-convert and up-convert the video.
Includes multiple HDTV outputs (up to 3) formats that include: YPbPr/RGB, Composite NTSC/PAL, and optional DVI.
Provides you with the ability to load your own program material through either the DVD drive or Ethernet connection and gives you large storage capacity for long stream playout.


An ATSC 8-VSB and NTSC modulated outputs for use on both analog and digital receivers
TTL and LVDS parallel Transport Stream Output
Supports all ATSC formats including 720p and 1080i for true high definition signals

The DTU-205

Convenient, compact USB adapter that can be used for generation of either an MPEG-2 transport stream (DVB-ASI), or uncompressed serial digital video (SDI)
Easily installable replacement of PCI-based ASI and/or SDI output card
USB Full- and Hi-Speed operation

ATSC-997 Signal Source

Provides ATSC 8VSB modulated output for all UHF-VHF channels
Supports major cable plans (FCC, IRC, HRC) for cable applications
Versatile multi Transport Stream input: - DVB Parallel input - TTL Parallel input - DVD loading

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