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Handyscope HS5

The Handyscope HS5 can be used as: High Resolution USB Oscilloscope, multimeter, spectrum analyzer, data logger/transient recorder, protocol analyzer and Arbitrary Waveform Generator
High accuracy
Low distortion Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Handyprobe HP3

High voltage input range of 200 mV up to 800 V
Differential input
100 MS/s sampling

USB Oscilloscope 148001U

1 digitizing channel
Up to 800 MS/s maximum sampling per channel
14 bits vertical resolution

Handyscope HS3

The Handyscope HS3 is a powerful computer controlled measuring instrument that consists of four measuring instruments
The Handyscope HS3 features a user selectable 12 bit, 14 bit or 16 bit resolution .

4 BNC-banana measuring cables

Accessories - Probe 1:1-1:10 - HP-3060
Multi Channel measurement software - Introduction

Handyscope HS4 DIFF

4 Differential attenuators 1:10
4 BNC-banana measuring cables

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