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32, 64 or 128 channels of analog input
16 multi-function digital I/O (TTL) channels that may be configured as digital in, digital out, or selectively attached to 2 frequency in, 2 counter in, and/or 2 timer out channels
16-bit resolution


256 channel Digital Input/Output Channels
128 Base card channels
4 mezzanine card sites for added I/O capability including: - TTL I/O - Differential I/O - Isolated Input - Isolated Output - Form A Relay Output - Form C Relay Output - AC switch Output


32 or 64 independent analog output channels
16-bit resolution
10 V full-scale output


Opto Isolated Digital I/O 32 Out 16 In
Digital I/O Card With Opto Isolation
32 Bits Out +16 Bits In


8-CH Relay Outputs & 16-CH Isolated DI Module
16-CH isolated DI
8-CH SPDT relays


48-CH Opto-22 Compatible Digital I/O Module
On board 8254 timer/counter chip
48-CH digital TTL/DTL input/output


16-CH Isolated Digital I/O Module
Sink current up to 500mA on each isolated output
5000VRMS optical isolation


64-CH Isolated Digital I/O Modules
32-CH isolated DI & 32-CH isolated DO on cPCI-7432
64-CH isolated DI on cPCI-7433


128-CH Isolated DI & 128-CH Isolated DO Module
6U Eurocard form factor, CompactPCI compliant (PICMG 2.0 R2.1)
128-CH isolated digital inputs and 128-CH isolated digital outputs


12 MB/s High-Speed 32-CH DI & 32-CH DO Module
32-CH TTL DI and 32-CH TTL DO
Up to 12MB/s transfer rate


80 MB/s High Speed 32-CH Digital I/O Module
Multiple I/O port configurations: 16-CH DI & 16-CH DO, 32-CH DI, or 32-CH DO
Up to 80MB/s transfer rate

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