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syn1588® Dual NIC

syn1588® Dual NIC

  • ersatile Connectivity: This low-profile PCI Express card offers dual 100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet NICs with SFP fiber interfaces for high-speed networking.
  • Timing Precision: A sophisticated CPU interface eliminates timing constraints, making it compatible with non-real-time operating systems.
  • Customizable I/O Signals: Enjoy flexible user-programmable input/output signals for triggers, 1 PPS signals, periods, and events, both on connectors and internally.
  • Signal Flexibility: Generate user-defined periodic and aperiodic signals, 1PPS signals, and IRIG-B data streams as needed for your applications.
  • Efficient Timestamping: Timestamp dense external hardware events with precision, supported by Oregano Systems’ patented 1-step timestamping.
  • IEEE1588 Packet Support: Ensure compatibility with modern network protocols with VLAN and IPv6 support for IEEE1588 packet processing.
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  • Versatile Connectivity: This 1-lane PCI Express low-profile card (version 2.0, compatible with 1.1) offers dual 100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet NICs, ensuring seamless network integration.
  • SFP Fiber Interface: Benefit from SFP type fiber interfaces for robust and high-speed network connections.
  • Sophisticated CPU Interface: The card boasts a sophisticated CPU interface that eliminates timing constraints from control software, enabling compatibility with non-real-time operating systems.
  • Customizable I/O Signals: Enjoy one user-programmable input/output signal on SMA connectors on the PCI bracket, with options for triggers, 1 PPS signals, periods, and events. Additionally, three more user-programmable signals are available internally.
  • Signal Flexibility: Generate user-defined periodic signals, frequencies, aperiodic signals, and even 1PPS signals and IRIG-B data streams as needed.
  • Efficient Timestamping: Efficiently timestamp dense external hardware events with precision.
  • High-Speed Clock Generation: Utilize the on-board jitter cleaner PLL to generate accurate high-speed clock signals, reaching speeds of up to 156 MHz.
  • 1-Step Timestamping: Benefit from Oregano Systems’ patented 1-step timestamping technology for precise event recording.
  • IEEE1588 Packet Support: Enjoy VLAN and IPv6 support for IEEE1588 packet processing, including 1-step operation, ensuring compatibility with modern network protocols.
  • Stable Oscillators: The card includes a stable TCXO oscillator with accuracy better than 1 ppm to enhance overall stability and accuracy.
  • High-Precision Option: Optionally, upgrade to a high-precision, high-stability OCXO oscillator with accuracy better than 0.1 ppm for unparalleled long-term stability and accuracy.
  • Linux Compatibility: Designed exclusively for Linux environments, the card includes dedicated driver software for seamless integration.
  • Included PTP Stack License: The syn1588® Dual NIC comes with a syn1588® PTP Stack run-time license, exclusively for Linux, to streamline your time synchronization needs.

Elevate your network’s precision and performance with the comprehensive features of the syn1588® Dual NIC, designed to meet the demands of modern time-sensitive applications in Linux-based systems.

The syn1588® Dual NIC is a groundbreaking 2-channel PCI Express network interface card engineered with robust IEEE1588 hardware support. This innovative product opens up a world of possibilities, with its initial function delivering two independent network interfaces, each featuring high-precision hardware clock support following the IEEE1588 standard. Excitingly, additional functionalities for HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy) and PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) are in the pipeline, promising even more versatility.

At its core, the syn1588® Dual NIC serves as a standard 100/1000 MBit/s PCI Express Network Interface Card (NIC), but with a unique twist—it offers two independent SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) type network interfaces. Both of these interfaces have been meticulously enhanced to provide impeccable clock synchronization in strict adherence to the IEEE1588 standard.

Within the syn1588® Dual NIC, you’ll find comprehensive IEEE1588 hardware clocks and intricate timestamping hardware for each of the two network interfaces. This holistic approach encapsulates all the critical components necessary for an IEEE1588 system, effectively eliminating any timing constraints from your software. Remarkably, this means that neither your operating system nor your software stack imposes real-time requirements. Moreover, the CPU load required to operate the essential IEEE1588 stack, such as the syn1588® PTP Stack, is virtually negligible.

But that’s not all—the syn1588® Dual NIC is not just a dual network interface card with full IEEE1588 support. It also serves as a dynamic evaluation platform for specialized PTP (Precision Time Protocol) timing architectures like HSR and PRP. As we move forward, Oregano Systems is committed to offering tailored PTP solutions, encompassing both hardware and software, to cater to these unique timing requirements.

Experience the future of network synchronization with the syn1588® Dual NIC—where precision, flexibility, and innovation converge to meet the demands of cutting-edge applications.

Discover the Impressive System Features of the syn1588® Dual NIC:

  • Unparalleled Clock Synchronization: Achieve clock synchronization accuracy surpassing 10 nanoseconds, ensuring meticulous timekeeping in your network.
  • Dual Independent Hardware Clocks: Benefit from two autonomous hardware clocks, offering enhanced redundancy and precision.
  • Flexible Clock Synchronization: Synchronize your system clock with either of the two hardware clocks, providing flexibility in your synchronization strategy.
  • Comprehensive Timestamping: Capture timestamps for both external (hardware) events and internal (software) events, enhancing your time-sensitive applications.
  • Optional Timestamp Interrupt: Customize your setup with an optional interrupt triggered on timestamp events for advanced event handling.
  • Dense Timestamp Event Support: Enjoy dedicated hardware support for dense timestamp events, optimizing precision and efficiency.
  • Master or Slave Operation: Choose between master or slave operation modes, adapting to your network’s synchronization role.
  • Timing-Centric Focus: Tailored for timing applications, the syn1588® Dual NIC prioritizes precision over network throughput.
  • Signal Generation: Generate programmable frequencies, 1 PPS signals, and IRIG-B signals, meeting diverse application requirements.
  • Jitter-Cleaner PLL: Leverage the on-board jitter-cleaner PLL for the generation of synchronized, pristine, and highly accurate high-speed clocks.
  • Master Mode Synchronization: Achieve synchronization in master mode to an absolute time reference, such as a GPS receiver, for ultimate precision.
  • High-Precision Oscillator Options: Enjoy the choice of high-precision oscillator options, shared between both clocks, ensuring exceptional accuracy.
  • Linux Software and Drivers: The syn1588® Dual NIC is supported exclusively on Linux, with dedicated software and drivers for seamless integration into Linux-based systems.

Experience the syn1588® Dual NIC’s exceptional capabilities, designed to elevate your network’s time synchronization to unprecedented levels of accuracy and reliability in Linux environments.


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syn1588® Dual NIC

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