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PTP Gbit Ethernet Switch Precision Sync

PTP Gbit Ethernet Switch Precision Sync

The “syn1588® Gbit Switch” is a sophisticated Ethernet switch, ideal for industrial settings. It offers 8+1 ports for 100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet with an added IEEE1588-2008 Transparent Clock functionality, ensuring exceptional timing accuracy. The switch features standard RJ45 connectors and an SFP port, housed in a standard 19″ rack mount case. Designed for ease of use, it requires no configuration and supports SNMP management. This switch is perfect for applications requiring high precision and reliability in network timing synchronization.

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  • Eight 100/1000 Mbit/s copper ports for versatile connectivity.
  • One uplink port suitable for SFP modules.
  • Supports both 1000BASE-X (fiber) and 1000BASE-T (copper) SFP modules.
  • Option for a high-quality local oscillator (OCXO) available.
  • Features 1-step IEEE1588-2008 transparent clock in compliance with IEEE1588-2008.
  • Processes VLAN-based IEEE1588 packets efficiently.
  • Provides IPv6 support for IEEE1588 packets.
  • Includes Layer 2 support for IEEE1588 packets.
  • Remote PTP monitoring and configuration accessible via SNMP (SNMPv2).
  • Equipped with an internal wide range AC power supply.
  • Housed in a convenient 19″ 1HE rackmount case.

The syn1588® PTP Gbit Switch, stands out with its dual functionality: it operates as both a standard 8-port 100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet switch and an IEEE1588-2008 End-To-End Transparent Clock. This unique feature enables precise synchronization across networks, vital for industrial applications. Equipped with robust RJ45 connectors and an additional SFP port compatible with 1000BASE-X/T modules, the switch is housed in a practical 19″ rack mount case.

What sets this switch apart is its extraordinary timestamping accuracy of 2 ns, alongside the capability to process over 256 PTP event message rates simultaneously on all ports. This high level of performance is further boosted by the option of a high-stability local oscillator (OCXO), optimizing accuracy even under heavy network loads. Ideal for complex IEEE1588 networks, the syn1588® Gbit Switch significantly enhances clock synchronization, making it a top choice for environments where precision is paramount.


The syn1588® Gbit Switch is designed to enhance clock synchronization in complex network environments. It enables IEEE1588 nodes, like PCs equipped with syn1588® PCIe NIC, to synchronize their local hardware clocks with an accuracy of 10 ns or better. This is achieved by using the syn1588® Gbit Switch as a transparent clock, which distributes precise time information from an IEEE1588 grandmaster across the network. This setup significantly improves the performance of clock synchronization in intricate systems.

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PTP Gbit Ethernet Switch Precision Sync

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