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Device Power Supply Model 52310e Series

Device Power Supply Model 52310e Series

Series 52310e is a programmable PXI-Express DPS (Device Power Supply) Card designed for high-accuracy and reliable output power for device test applications. Its compact size, easy level of integration, and high flexibility make the 52310e Series ideal for multi-channel power supplies.

A versatile soft front panel and C / C# / LabVIEW / LabWindows APIs are provided for rapid test development and deployment. The back connector is compatible with both PXIe and hybrid chassis slots. All of these features enable easy integration to PXIe or PXI-hybrid systems designed for a wide range of applications.

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  • 4 Isolated channels of ±7V, 1 A (max)
  • 20-bit measurement resolution
  • Low output noise
  • Maximum sampling rate of 600 KS/s
  • Deterministic output by hardware sequencer
  • Programmable output resistance
  • 8 selectable control bandwidths
  • Master/Slave operation
  • Drivers with LabVIEW/ LabWindows & C/C# API
  • Soft panel GUI
  • PXI Express Peripheral Module (X1 PCI Express Link)


52310e Series features 8 selectable control bandwidths to ensure high-speed output and stable operation; multiple current measurements range with a 20-bit DAC/ADC provide the highest resolution and accuracy with a sampling rate up to 600KS/sec; programmable internal series resistance for battery simulation.

Series 52310e DPS series has a patented hardware sequence engine that has deterministic timing to control each DPS channel. The sequencer’s onboard memory can store up to 1024 sequencer commands and 32k measurement samples per channel.

Each 52310e DPS card can be configured to load-share by connecting channels in parallel. This enables users to achieve higher output currents on the same card.

Series 52310e programmable device power supplies are designed specifically for test applications that demand precision output voltage/current and tightly coupled measurement capabilities. It provides a cost-effective solution ideal for a broad range of design and production applications such as semiconductor and component manufacturing.

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Device Power Supply Model 52310e Series

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