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IT-M3400 Bidirectional DC Power Supply

IT-M3400 Bidirectional DC Power Supply

IT-M3400 bidirectional DC power supply integrates source and sink function in one.

The IT-M3400 combines source and sink functions in a single device. It offers high power density and a modular architecture, allowing users to configure each channel according to their specific test requirements.

It keeps the advantages of high power density and modular architecture design of M series. It can meet the customer’s test requirement of different current and power level. Thanks to the independent multi-channel design, users can configure each channel according to the quantity and specifications of the DUT.

At the same time, it has high-precision output and measurement, and has made a number of safety designs for testing, suitable for multiple test fields, such as power modules, intelligent industrial equipment, automotive electronics, charging and discharging tests of various small capacity batteries.


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  • 1U Half-rack, high power density
  • Bidirectional energy flow *
  • High efficient power regeneration
  • Battery test
  • Battery simulation
  • Independent control of multi-channels with functions of synchronization and proportional tracking
  • Up to 16 units can be paralleled connected
  • High speed measurement, 10 times/S updating rate
  • CC/CV priority
  • Adjustable output impedance
  • Programmable voltage and current rise and fall time
  • Temperature measurement function, over temperature protection
  • Various protection such as OCP / UCP / OVP / OTP / OPP / UVP, over heat protection, grid fault protection and fault storage, foldback, Power-off protection, sense abnormal protection
  • Automatic detection of power grid state to realize reliable grid connection
  • Pre charge function to prevent overshoot of DC loading current
  • Anti-reverse protection function through optional accessories
  • Five optional cards, supporting RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB_TMC, USB_VCP, RS485, analog and IO communication


1U Half-rack mini size

IT-M3400 is 1U Half-rack mini size and support output up to 800W, not only with high power density, but also with high resolution, high precision and high stability. The output voltage can reach 600V and the output current can reach 30A. There are 12 models in the whole series, with a wide range of output design, and one unit can cover a wide range of applications.

Sourcing & Sinking seamless switching

Different from the traditional power supply and load, when positive and negative current switch, there will be a short jump and Incoherence. IT-M3400 integrates source and sink function in one, which is capable of achieving high-speed switch between sourcing & sinking seamless switching. In this way, a fast and seamless switch between source and sink effectively avoids voltage or current overshoot, which is widely used in batteries, battery packaging, battery protection boards and other energy storage equipment testing.

CC & CV priority function

IT-M3400 continues support CC / CV priority function, help customers solve a variety of severe problems in long-term testing. For test that require high-speed voltage, users can select the CV priority mode to obtain a faster voltage climb speed; or choose CC priority mode, output current without overshoot, used to test DUT with constant current operating characteristics. This function is widely used in power supply transient simulation and characterization test applications, such as lasers, integrated circuits, charge and discharge, and automotive electronics.

High energy regeneration efficiency

IT-M3400 supports energy regeneration function, the efficiency is up to 90%, which save cost both for the electricity and cooling system, create low noise testing environment.

Module architecture, any combination

IT-M3400’s modular plug-in architecture can easily stack instruments like building blocks without any additional accessories. Besides that, users can choose IT-E154 rack installation kit, easily install one or more instruments in a standard 19-inch cabinet.

Multi-channel independent control, up to 256 channel

IT-M3400 provides flexible multi-channel function, the users can build-up multi-channel source-sink system, each unit will show the channel number on the front panel. PC only need to connect with one unit to control and program all the units independently by GUI software. IT-M3400 support maximum 16*16 channels, each 37U rack can integrate 64 units which is 64 channels. It supports parallel connection for high power testing demands, to provide high flexibility and functionality for users.

Parallel function

IT-M3400 support multiple units of same models connected in parallel, to build a high current and high power system. The users can parallel max.16 units by master-slave mode, to meet different testing requests.

Battery emulation function

IT-M3400 can simulate up to 99 batteries in series and parallel. The user can set the battery voltage, capacity, internal resistance, and SOC are used to quickly define the battery matrix. The user can set the battery by choosing ITECH optional professional BSS2000 battery simulation software, by setting common battery parameters to quickly establish the battery characteristic curve, they can also set the initial capacity of the battery, to verify the characteristics of the product in different states of the battery. At the same time, BSS2000 supports user to import matlab battery matrix or import the actual battery charge and discharge curve through csv file, to simulate real battery’s charge and discharge characteristics.


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IT-M3400 Bidirectional DC Power Supply

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