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GENASYS Switching / Digital Subsystem with SCOUT 6U Receiver

GENASYS Switching / Digital Subsystem with SCOUT 6U Receiver

This 6U PXI chassis features an integrated MAC Panel SCOUT receiver and offers 20 slots for accommodating a combination of GENASYS digital subsystem, PXI modules, and switching subsystem modules. It is designed to support multiplexed, hybrid pin, and high-frequency (HF) connections, making it highly versatile. The chassis can handle an impressive capacity of up to 256 digital channels and 2304 hybrid pins, making it suitable for a wide range of testing and measurement applications.

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  • Versatile 20-Slot Design: This 6U PXI chassis accommodates up to 19 switching or instrument cards and can seamlessly integrate a remote PXI bus interface like the MXI-4.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: In addition to supporting all PXI-1 resources, the GX7017’s PXI backplane features an internal, high-performance 16-wire analog bus accessible through the backplane’s P5 connectors. This infrastructure allows GENASYS switching cards to effortlessly route signals from external instruments to any of the receiver’s interface connections.
  • Smart Power Management: The GX7017 is equipped with an 800 W power supply dedicated to PXI modules and an additional 4.4 KW supply for the digital subsystem’s VCC and VEE rails via the J5 connector on the PXI backplane. The chassis employs a Smart power system that automatically adjusts VCC and VEE voltages based on the programmed drive-high and drive-low levels of digital instruments. This ensures minimized power dissipation and reduces overall cooling requirements.
  • Efficient Cooling System: To maintain optimal operating temperatures, the GX7017 features a robust cooling system consisting of eight 100 cfm fans, with four positioned under the card cage and four at the rear of the chassis. This configuration provides positive airflow as per PXI specifications and high-capacity cooling for PXI modules. The inclusion of air plenums within the chassis facilitates airflow to all module slots, eliminating the need for additional rack space for inlet or outlet air. Furthermore, dedicated fans ensure efficient cooling for the system power supplies located at the rear of the chassis.
  • Monitoring and Customization: The GX7017 chassis offers monitoring capabilities for slot temperatures and system power supply voltages. It also allows users to program or map each PXI trigger line from one PCI segment to another. Additionally, users can customize the temperature monitoring function to define specific warning and shutdown limits. All user-specific configurations can be securely stored in non-volatile memory, serving as default settings for normal chassis operation.

As a vital component of the GENASYS platform, the GX7017 offers exceptional flexibility by seamlessly integrating the GENASYS switching subsystem with both 3U and 6U PXI instrumentation in a compact PXI chassis. Built on the foundation of the 6U PXI architecture, the GX7017 can host up to 9 GENASYS switch cards and 10 PXI modules, featuring 8 PXI slots tailored to support the GENASYS GX5960 digital subsystem. Through a high-performance internal 16-wire matrix bus, it can connect up to 64 external resources to the test system’s switching resources and receiver I/O pins.

Within the GX7017 chassis, you’ll find the innovative MAC Panel 6U SCOUT receiver. This receiver introduces a dependable and high-performance approach to link switch modules to a mass interconnect receiver, significantly reducing the need for cumbersome cable assemblies. The SCOUT receiver adopts a “pull-through” design, where each switch card establishes a “cable-less” connection to the receiver connectors, effectively eliminating the associated reliability concerns found in traditional cabled solutions. This design not only enhances cost-effectiveness but also ensures reliability and ease of maintenance. The SCOUT’s modular structure further allows for versatile use of a wide range of receiver connectors, including high-density, high-current, and coaxial types. When fully configured, the 6U SCOUT receiver can accommodate up to 21 connector slots and facilitate over 8000 connections.


  • Slot 1 in the GX7017 chassis is exclusively designated for the system controller.
  • Slot 2 can accommodate a PXI Star Trigger controller, any PXI or cPCI instrument, or a GENASYS switching module.
  • Slots 3-15 are compatible with the PXI Star Trigger, any PXI or cPCI instrument.
  • GENASYS switching cards can be installed in slots 2-10.
  • Slots 11 and 12 are designed to house cPCI or PXI modules, while slots 13-20 can accommodate the GX5960 GENASYS digital modules or additional PXI modules.

Switching Subsystem:

  • The GX7017’s modular architecture empowers the switching subsystem to offer a broad spectrum of configurations and capabilities.
  • Input analog signal routing is facilitated by the GX6032, a matrix switch module located at the rear of the chassis. It configures as a 32 x 16 matrix and supports up to 32 inputs that can be connected to the GX7017’s internal 16-wire bus.
  • The chassis can house up to two 32 x 16 GX6032 modules.
  • Signal routing from the internal backplane to the receiver interface is supported by any GENASYS switch cards, which are extended 6U PXI modules directly connected to the receiver interface. The core system includes one GX6032 module.

Digital Subsystem:

  • The GX7017 can accommodate up to eight GX5961/GX5964 digital subsystem cards, creating a high-performance and compact functional test platform tailored for mixed-signal test applications.
  • The GX5960 offers real-time digital stimulus, record, or expect data modes for all I/O channels.
  • It boasts a pattern memory depth of 256K words, with each channel configurable as an input or output on a per-cycle basis.
  • Six drive data formats are supported: NR, R1, R0, RZ, RC, and Complement Surround, allowing for versatile creation of various bus cycles and waveforms for testing board and box level products.


  • The GX7017 is backed by three software packages:
    • GxChassis is used to monitor and control the chassis. It enables users to set/display shutdown and alarm conditions based on defined temperature levels, manage PXI trigger lines, control fan speed, and monitor power supply voltage through the GxChassis Virtual Panel.
    • GxSW is employed to control and display the switching connections, providing interactive capabilities to connect, disconnect, perform BIT, view relay usage count, and more through the GxSW Virtual Panel.
    • GtDio6x is designed to control and monitor the digital I/O subsystem, including the GX5961 and GX5964 boards.
  • High-level switching software called SwitchEasy simplifies overall application development and deployment. It allows users to display, control, and manage overall signal routing by defining resource, receiver pin, or UUT connections.
  • Both software packages include 32/64-bit DLL driver libraries and comprehensive documentation. Moreover, an API is provided, supporting various programming tools and languages such as ATEasy, Microsoft® Visual Basic, C#, C/C++, LabView, LabWindows/CVI, and more.


  • The GX7017 is well-suited for the following applications:
    • GENASYS switching subsystem
    • Automated system test applications
    • High I/O count, mixed-signal test applications


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GENASYS Switching / Digital Subsystem with SCOUT 6U Receiver

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