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Cable Harness Tester

Cable Harness Tester

The Cable Harness Tester offers 128 test points for connectivity and resistance tests. Multiple units can be connected to test up to 1024 points. This compact, cost-effective tool is PC controlled. The accompanying Cable Harness Tester Manager software controls the units for testing, allows configuration and setting of test limits, and provides test reports.




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  • Test for continuity, opens, and miswires, plus resistance measurement
  • Expandable up to 1024 points in increments of 128-points
  • Print to PDF functionality for easy reporting
  • No advanced skills or training required for operation
  • Designed to withstand thousands of cable tests without equipment failure
  • Precisely detects error location for opens and shorts
  • Allows customization of test setups, labels, and reports
  • Utilizes innovative technology and efficient algorithms for rapid testing
  • Compact, lightweight, and self-contained for easy mobility on the production floor
  • Instantly identifies defective, miswired, and intermittent cables, pinpointing the type and location of errors


This Cable Harness Tester is a sophisticated PC-based tool designed for analyzing cable continuity and resistance. It goes beyond simple resistance testing by detecting open and short circuits, crossed and miswired connections, as well as ensuring accurate pin-to-pin connectivity. All test outcomes are recordable, allowing for the data to be stored and later analyzed on a PC, facilitating straightforward determination of cable pin configurations.

With its expandability and programmability, the tester is future-ready, offering comprehensive pass/fail assessments and diagnostics for a wide range of applications.

Featuring a Micro USB Connector, the tester easily connects to a computer via a USB cable; one end plugs into the tester’s USB connector, and the other end connects to the computer’s USB 2.0 port.





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Cable Harness Tester

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Israel's Leading Businesses Choose DCT

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