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31.5" Ultra HD Medical Display

31.5″ Ultra HD Medical Display

This 31.5″ Ultra HD Medical Display is a line of medically certified UHD surgical monitors with a hygienic design that can be easily and quickly cleaned using common disinfectants. Its clear image and accurate color reproduction support medical personnel and speed up turnaround time in pathogen-sensitive environments like the operating room.

Choose from 24 to 32 inches.
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  • Certified for medical use
  • 31.5″ Ultra HD display with optically bonded and anti-glare coated safety glass
  • White glass cover lens with no color distortion
  • Optional PCAP 10-point touchscreen
  • Multi-signal and multi-format FPGA-based image processing
  • Wired and wireless control options
  • 7 illuminated soft-touch function keys on the front glass and LED status bar
  • Edge-to-edge glass surface and screwless design for easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Fully sealed aluminium housing and fanless design for patient and operator safety

This 31.5″ Ultra HD Medical Display is an exceptional line of UHD surgical monitors that have been designed to meet the needs of medical professionals. These monitors boast a clear image and accurate color reproduction, making them an ideal choice for supporting surgical procedures. Moreover, the ASM Series features a hygienic surface design that eliminates exposed screw heads and air vents, making them easy to clean using all common disinfectants and cleaning agents. This is particularly advantageous in pathogen-sensitive environments such as the operating room, where a high level of hygiene is paramount.

Thanks to the hygienic design, turnaround time and operating theater preparation can be expedited, which is a significant benefit in a medical setting where time is of the essence. By providing medical personnel with reliable and easy-to-clean surgical monitors, the display can help to enhance the overall efficiency of medical procedures, while also contributing to a safer, more hygienic environment.


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31.5″ Ultra HD Medical Display

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Israel's Leading Businesses Choose DCT

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